Amazon Is Selling Its Cashierless Technology To Other Stores

REUTERS/Jason Redmond

Do you hate waiting in line at the grocery store? Even the self-checkout line can take forever. What if you didn’t have to wait in any lines, and can walk out of the store with all of your items paid for? You don’t even have to scan any codes. Well, Amazon came up with a solution to that.

In 2016, Amazon launched Amazon Go in Seattle, Washington, a store with no cashiers. Basically, you go on into the supermarket, log on to their app, place whatever items you want into a bag, and just walk out.

Just Walk Out is what they are calling the service, and today they announced they are selling the technology to other businesses. While it will not be exactly like the flagship store, the common denominator is no cashiers.

According to Busines Insider, the biggest difference is that customers will have to use a credit card in order to get into the store. When they leave, that card will be the one that the store charges for the items that were picked up while they were there.

How will they know what you placed into the bag? There will be, “ceiling cameras and shelf weight sensors,” to monitor what you took and what is missing.

When will this be available to you? Amazon did not give a launch date but said it had a lot of signed deals. So in the meantime, we just have to keep shopping the oldfashioned way.

Which is fine with me because I would feel like I was stealing. It has to be a weird feeling walking out a store and not paying for the items you bought. We will soon find out enough.

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