Looks Like A Model and Reality Star @Iamtiffanywalker IG Was Hacked

It seems Tiffany Walker, model, and reality star, got her Instagram page @TheTiffanyWalker hacked on Thanksgiving of 2023. Tiffany is currently using her backup page @IAmTiffanyWalker. Her hacked account is contacting people offering an influencer job to hack other Instagram accounts!

ESSENCE Hollywood House Returns With Engaging Panels Featuring TV and Film Experts, Spotlighting Talent On and Off the Screen

Essence Hollywood House is back again as this year marks the fifth year of the impactful event. The event strives to unite upcoming talent pursuing film and television with industry experts who have graced the big screens and/or navigated the television and film industry from a business standpoint from behind the scenes. The event showcased a series of panel discussions featuring talent who have been featured in some of our favorite television shows and movies. The panels highlighted topics and discussions in TV and Film as one fireside chat featured Oscar award winning actress Da’Vine Joy Randolph of The Holdovers. While another discussion included actor Da’Vinchi of BMF and actress Layla DeLeon Hayes of The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster, as they partook in the Slated to Shine: Fresh Faces of Black Hollywood panel. Another discussion titled, Black on Screen: A Global Dialogue featured actress Phylicia Pearl Mpasi of The Color Purple. When asked about her experience talking on the panel, Mpasi explained, “I feel so inspired. It’s rare you get asked questions about the diaspora and truly, what it means to be black in Hollywood, and specifically what it means to be black in Hollywood. It was so great sharing the stage with [Barkue Tubman-Zawolo] and [Osas Ighodaro]. I’m just really inspired to just honestly be the answer to some of the things we talked about. Like, how there doesn’t feel like there’s enough representation, how it doesn’t feel like there are enough parts. You know, the gate keeping of it all.” “I’m just inspired to kind of help, bridge the gap,” the actress added. Industry Experts Who Shape The Magic Behind The Scenes However, not only did the impactful event feature on-screen talent but the audience was also able to hear from industry professionals who has made their mark behind the scenes. As one panel featured costume designer and wardrobe stylist Tanja Caldwell, while another panel showcased producers, Olivia Charmaine (Morris) Bernardez, and Korin D. Williams. When Caldwell was asked about her experience working alongside and styling Usher for the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime show, she expressed, “I felt amazing, I felt nervous, anxious, a lot of anxiety throughout the process.” “But I had a really, really great team. I feel like the cards were stacked in my favor. There was still a bunch of challenges I knew we would face but we took them head on, and we were optimistic. We really wanted to create a beautiful show,” Caldwell said. “Its reassuring and refreshing to hear that people watched it but loved it, and really received all the hard work that we put into it.” #Clique, what are your thoughts?

ESSENCE Celebrates Halle Bailey, Danielle Brooks, Nkechi Okoro Carroll, and Kathryn Busby at The 17th Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards

The 17th Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards was nothing short of amazing. The carpet was filled with many of black Hollywoods’ finest such as Tina Knowles, Chloe Bailey, Zendaya, Tia and Tamera and many more. The stars wore their trendiest attire as they made their glamorous entrance on the carpet. Most guest seemingly radiated excitement for the highly anticipated ceremony.  For so many, the atmosphere in the room felt like a joyful family reunion filled with laughter and heartfelt moments exchanged among the stars. This year’s ceremony honored The Color Purple’s very own, Danielle Brooks, Disney’s Little Mermaid Princess, Halle Bailey, acclaimed screenwriter and showrunner of the hit TV series All American Nkechi Okoro Carroll and Kathryn Busby, industry powerhouse and the President of Original Programming for STARZ. Each honoree has transcended boundaries in their field, ultimately leading to them being awarded and recognized by the publication dedicated to celebrating black women. Red Carpet Talent Shares Their Expectations Onsite! chatted with talent who graced the carpet as many seemed ecstatic to be in the room. Comedian, actress, and TV host widely known as the former host of The Real, Loni Love, expressed her excitement for the show. “I am looking forward to just supporting my friends. ESSENCE is just a great avenue for black females, and this year they pull out all stocks. I have been stalking Daniel Brooks forever. If she’s in a play, I’m there…. so it’s good to see her tonight. Also, our girl, Halle Bailey, [she’s] been through a lot and we have to come around her and give her support. So, I think she deserves this honor tonight.” “It’s like a family reunion here, we don’t get to see each other a lot so atleast this one time a year we get to come together,” the TV host continued. Actress Letitia Wright revealed that she’s looking forward to seeing the women being honored as well as connecting with other individuals in the industry. The Black Panther actress revealed that she’s expecting to “connect with other people [whose work she admires].” Red Carpet Guests Share Their Favorite Aspects of Being A Black Woman ESSENCE embodies black excellence with a strong emphasis on black women. Black women experience many aspects of life, and when asked about their favorite part of being a black woman, the red carpet guests provided diverse answers. Actress Tichina Arnold expressed that her favorite part about being a black woman was simply being black. While Bel-Air actress. Cassandra Freeman revealed that she enjoys her melanated skin. She revealed, “my favorite part about being a black woman is literally my skin, the melanin. I love [that] when it’s summer time, it turns golden, it literally has like sparkles in it.” TV writer Renada Shepard said, “I think it’s the gift of being a black woman to take up space in a world that people are going to not understand you and they don’t have to. But there’s a non-verbal language that we speak.. it’s just such a gift to speak without words and understand each other.” Shepard went on to explain that black women are now allowing themselves to rest. “When I look at my mom and my aunt.. women who have such strength and such ability. But, also, I love that as black women we’re coming to this space of [wanting to be soft]” said Shepard. Here are some of our favorite moments from 17th Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards Red Carpet: #Clique, what are your thoughts?

Raising Kanan’s Hailey Kilgore, Liv Symone, and Aliyah Turner Talks Girl Group ‘Butta’ and What The Audience Can Expect In Season 4

Onsite! recently spoke with Hailey Kilgore, Aliyah Turner, and Liv Symone, who played members of the girl group Butta in the Starz hit series Power Book III: Raising Kanan. The group was introduced in season three of the series and instantly began to play a major role in the season as it pertained to Jukebox’s life and the relationships she began to form. The group consists of Hailey Kilgore, who plays Laverne Thomas also known as Jukebox, Aliyah Turner, who portrayed Krystal, and Liv Symone, who plays Iesha. Now, the popular series is gearing up to head into a new season, and the ladies of Butta are hinting at a lot being in store for the group. So buckle your seats belts as we explore what the audience can expect in the upcoming season as season three comes to an end. When Symone and Turner was asked about what the audience can expect from their characters, Iesha and Krystal, in the upcoming season, Symone expressed, “You can expect Iesha just continue to be the support system and that outlet for Juke to be able to open her mouth and talk and share her story and share her life.” “As [the audience] can see, she doesn’t really get to do that a lot, just to kind of express herself, and I think that’s what make Jukebox and Iesha’s relationship special is that she is there for her,” she continued. While Turner jokingly revealed, “you can count on Krystal continuing to be wild.” Exploring the Intricate Relationship Between Jukebox and Her Family However, Kilgore dove into Jukebox’s intricate relationship with Kanan, as this season, the pair seemed to be at odds with Jukebox questioning a lot of the decisions her cousin has been making. She expressed that Jukebox and Kanan has a strange relationship despite them caring deeply about each other. When asked about how their relationship evolves in season four of the series, the actress revealed, “Something that we see in the original Power is the love-hate relationship we see between [Jukebox and Kanan] and what Sascha Penn and the writing team of Raising Kanan is doing an excellent job of is they’re just elevating how that works, and the complexity of that relationship every season.” Kilgore also reflected on her character’s family involvement in the drug game potential effecting her future and singing career in the upcoming season. She said, “It’s complicated.. you love someone so hard but they could be doing all of the entirely wrong things, and so, it’s up to you to decide how far you’re going to go to deal with whatever they’re doing. So, I think with Juke right now, it’s like, she’s really looking at everything like how long am I going to stick with all of the madness.” #Clique, what are your thoughts?

Where To Travel in 2024 Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Wondering where to jet off to next based on your astrological vibes? Let’s dive into the stars and uncover the ideal 2024 travel. Onsite! is rewriting the travel guidebook by exploring destinations aligned with their astrological signs for the perfect vacation.  Aries (March 21 – April 19) The bold and adventurous Aries will thrive in vibrant cities like Tokyo, Japan. The bustling streets and neon lights mirror their fiery spirit, offering dynamic experiences and opportunities for spontaneous adventures. Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Taurus seeks tranquility and luxury, making Santorini, Greece, the ideal haven. The scenic landscapes and luxurious resorts cater to their appreciation for beauty and relaxation. Gemini (May 21 – June 20) With an insatiable curiosity, Geminis will revel in the diverse culture of Marrakech, Morocco. The vibrant souks and lively atmosphere cater perfectly to their adaptable nature. Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Cancers are drawn to places rich in history and emotional depth. Edinburgh, Scotland, with its ancient castles and poetic landscapes, resonates deeply with their soulful essence. Leo (July 23 – August 22) Leos, craving grandeur and a wholeeeee lot of attention, will find themselves at home in the opulent palaces of Vienna, Austria. The regal charm and artistic heritage align perfectly with their love for the spotlight. Virgo (August 23 – September 22) Pristine landscapes and spiritual retreats make Bali, Indonesia, a haven for Virgos seeking balance and serenity amidst nature’s beauty. Libra (September 23 – October 22) Libras, craving harmony and sophistication, will find their equilibrium in the romantic ambiance of Paris, France. The city’s art, cuisine, and allure speak directly to their refined tastes. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) The enigmatic allure of Sedona, Arizona, appeals to Scorpios’ fascination with the mystical and transformative. The desert landscape and spiritual energy resonate with their depth and intensity. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Sagittarians, known for their wanderlust, will feel at home exploring the diverse landscapes of New Zealand. Its breathtaking scenery and adventurous activities cater to their free-spirited nature. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): Capricorns seeking ambition and tradition will find their calling in the historical city of Rome, Italy. Its rich history and iconic landmarks echo ltheir aspirations for success. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) Embracing their unconventional spirit, Aquarians will thrive in the innovation hub of Seoul, South Korea. The futuristic cityscape and avant-garde culture will definitely appeal to the creative side of Aquarius.  Pisces (February 19 – March 20) The dreamy landscapes and ethereal beauty of Bali, Indonesia is definitely appealing to the sensitive and artistic nature of Pisceans. Bali provides a serene opportunity for the perfect spiritual escape. 

Start 2024 Off With The Right Fuel To Power Into Your New Healthy Lifestyle! Go Natural With Shroom Complex Gummies 🍄⚡️


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CR8 Agency and Paramount Pictures Join Forces For An Exclusive VIP Private Screening Of Mean Girls, A Timeless Film Reborn As A Musical

CR8 Agency and Paramount Pictures teamed up to curate a private advanced screening to a 20-year-old classic that has since been remade, Mean Girls.

If you love musicals then you’re going to love this one! CR8 Agency and Paramount Pictures teamed up to curate a private advanced screening to a 20-year-old classic that has since been remade, Mean Girls. The star-studded event hosted by Kenya Moore took place in Atlanta, Georgia and began with a pink carpet. As if the carpet wasn’t already beautifully fit for the theme, celebs and influencers sashayed across the carpet sporting stylish looks. It was almost as if everyone was thinking the same thing because most guests flaunted the movie’s signature color pink. Celebs Shows Up and Out To The Pink Carpet The guest list was vast which included reality tv stars, Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss, and Tami Rivera who was accompanied by her daughter and niece. Actress Angelica Ross also graced the carpet wearing a black bodysuit that hugged her figure with dazzling pink accents to match the theme. When asked about iconic style moments the audience is anticipating to see, the host of the evening, Kenya Moore, responded, “anything pink, I mean, we wear pink on Wednesdays, so anything pink.” Former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality star, Tami Rivera, was stunned that the original movie debuted approximately two decades prior. She expressed, while talking about the reboot, “damn it’s been 20 years..it’s great to always keep it fresh, but it’s never going to be the original. I can’t believe [it’s been 20 years].” The Revival Of Mean Girls: A Timeless Masterpiece Reborn As A Musical The sensational Trinity K. Bonet from Rupaul’s Drag Race set the tone for the night with her electrifying rendition of Beyonce’s Renaissance album. Also, we can’t leave out one of the many gem’s of the evening, the film’s notorious Burn Book, leaving everyone buzzing with anticipation for the film.  This timeless masterpiece, originally released in 2004, has now been reborn as a musical, two decades later. Embracing the LGBTQIA+ community and shedding light on the impact of social media on Generation Z, the Mean Girls reboot seamlessly blended nostalgia with contemporary themes. The iconic one-liners like “So fetch” and “On Wednesdays we wear pink” were revived, accompanied by catchy musical numbers throughout the film. And what would a Mean Girls movie be without a cameo from the original mean girl herself, Lindsay Lohan? In a pivotal moment during a math competition, Cady’s transformation back into a math geek was moderated by none other than Lindsay Lohan, adding an extra sprinkle of excitement to the film. Mean Girls is set to premiere on Friday, Jan 12. #Clique, are you tuning in?

Erika Woods and Wendell Pierce Make Their Debut Appearance As Snaps and Pop In Season 3 of Powerbook III: Raising Kanan

Wendall Pierce and Erika Woods make their debut appearance in season three of Power Book III: Raising Kanan as Ishmael ‘Snaps’ Henry and Stephanie ‘Pop’ Henry. Their characters are introduced to the audience as married and retired Og’s in the drug game. Upon introduction to their character, immediately you witness their playful dynamic. The two are clearly enjoying retirement but when Ronnie comes to them for advice you see their level of wiseness and levelheaded demeanor.  Wendall and Erika gave us some insight into who their characters are and what roles their characters will play during the climactic time of the season. Now that all the heavy hitters have been taken out or have taken a step back from the drug game, Wendell hinted that the couple may be looking into coming out of retirement.  “The thing that has lasted is our trust in each other. While others you see throughout that there’s sort of a distrust that people develop with each other… If you have a trust with someone you are going to be a lot more successful and at the same time you’re protected because you have someone to have your back… That’s the benefit of being an OG, that’s the knowledge that these young bucks could learn from us.”  And don’t mistake their calm demeanor for weakness. When asked who should the audience be more afraid of, Ronnie or the Henry’s, Erika and Wendell let us know they’re not one to be underestimated. “Ain’t nobody scared of Ronnie, that’s our son,” Erika stated. “It’s always the people you don’t expect to be the dangerous ones and we kill them with kindness, remember that. While everyone else is afraid of Ronnie, he don’t want this smoke.”  #Clique, Stay tuned for more of Snaps and Pop this season on Powerbook III: Raising Kanan.