Conjoined Twin Sisters Who Share Pelvis Reveal What It’s Like With One Of Them Having A Boyfriend

Instagram/ Carmen_andrade2000

Carmen and Lupita Andrade, conjoined twins sisters, have become very candid with their personal lives, according to Complex

The sisters revealed their experience sharing a pelvis with as they dove into the details of only one of them dating although they share a majority of things, including a reproductive system. Although they both have their individual set of arms, they share legs as one sister controls one, while the other sister controls the other. Lupita disclosed that she is asexual; however, she doesn’t want that to stop her sister, Carmen, from dating and settling down. 

Carmen expressed,

“I met my boyfriend, Daniel, on [the dating app] Hinge in October 2020…I never tried to hide the fact that I’m a conjoined twin, which meant I got a lot of messages from guys with fetishes. I knew right off the bat that Daniel was different from the others because he didn’t lead with a question about my condition.” 

Reports say that Carmen and Daniel have been a couple for more than two years. Carmen admitted that she sometimes feels bad about wanting to spend quality time with Daniel, so she’ll let her sister choose where they have dinner. 

Carmen explained that she and Daniel don’t want children but do love them. 

“Lupita and I can’t get pregnant, we have endometriosis and we’re also on a hormone blocker that prevents us from menstruating,”

she explained. 

The sisters moved to the US from Mexico when they were younger. Despite them getting along, they confirmed that it isn’t always sweet. They admitted that they often feel each other’s emotions.

The sisters shared that if they receive surgery to get separated, it could end in one or both of them dying because they share organs. Despite it all, the twins seek to regularize conjoined twins by showcasing their experiences on social media. 

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