Eboni K. Williams Opens Up About IVF Choice, Says She Heard Sperm Donor’s Voice and His Wishes To Connect With His Child In The Future

Eboni K. Williams

Eboni K. Williams is standing on her beliefs and speaking out about her decision to become a single mother by choice.

On her award-winning Holding Court Podcast, Williams explained to co-host Dustin about the reason she chose to go the IVF route, saying that she believes it was a “legally astute choice.”

“To me it felt like a safer choice…It gives me less risk and exposure.”

Williams, 40, revealed that she was giving birth to a baby girl but decided to go the route of artificial insemination. Social media went in on the TV host because of a previous take where she turned her nose up at the idea of dating a blue-collar worker, yet decided to get pregnant but someone she doesn’t know.

However, Williams said she has heard the donor’s voice on an MP3 file and his future wishes to one day connect with his seed when she turns 18.

“When my daughter turns 18 years old, if she would like, to find out her paternal identity as I wanted to do when I was 38, she doesn’t even have to wait that long and go through all that rigamarole that I had to do, hire a geneticist, hire a detective…here is his last known address and he is anticipating your contact.”

Williams said she has everything her child needs to learn about her biological dad from childhood photos, adult photos, his SAT scores, keepsakes and essays.

“For me it felt like a safer choice.

#Clique, are y’all here for Eboni’s IVF choice or is she cappin’ and trying to save face?

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