He Got Time! Man Who Threatened Rep. Maxine Waters’ Life Has Been Sentenced To 33 Months In Prison

Maxine Waters/ Credit: Instagram

Maxine Waters, the feisty Congresswoman known for her quips and clever clapbacks, can rest easy knowing the man who threatened her life is behind bars.

Brian Michael Gaherty, 61, went on a tear, threatening to “put a cap” between her eyes and said he would “cut your Black a– throat,” in a voicemail.

In January, the ornery racist pleaded guilty to one count of threatening a United States official for threatening to murder Waters on several occasions between August and November 2022.

In one menacing voicemail on August 8, 2022, he said he would “cut your black ass throat nigga”. 

“Tell Congressman Maxine Waters when I see her on the street, I’m going to bust her upside her head,” Gaherty said, according to the criminal complaint.

Gaherty reportedly threatened to stomp her out and called Waters a “n–ger b–ch.

Authorities warned Gaherty to stop his threats in October 2022, but he replied, “This ain’t no threat. It’s a …promise.”

After pleading guilty, he tried to offer Waters an apology.

His attorney claimed that Gaherty suffers from PTSD and does not remember making the threats. He was also charged with a hate crime and fined $10,000.

Now let’s see if he talks like that to Big Tiny and dem in prison!

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