Lucille Flenory Gets Her Groove Back and Nicole Flenory Is Stepping Into Womanhood in Season 3 of BMF

As season 2 of BMF comes to a close, the audience is left on the edge of their seats with countless burning questions.
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As season 2 of BMF comes to a close, the audience is left on the edge of their seats with countless burning questions. A big cliff hanger being the fate of Lucille and Charles’s relationship. Not only do we see a drastic change in Lucille’s attitude towards Charles, after learning of his infidelity, but her fashion sense seemingly elevates as well. Michole White, the incredible talent behind Lucille Flenory, proves that there’s a whole lot of hidden sex appeal beneath those modest church skirts.

“You see a lot of Lucille changing it up [with] her style and trying to open up and show a little cleavage sometimes you know,”

said Michole as she reflected on Lucille’s character arc in season 2.

“She’s taking chances [next] season and giving herself permission to do some other things which I think is well deserved,”

she added. 


Michole also gave us a sneak peek into how the relationship dynamic between Charles and Lucille will shift in season 3. 

“It definitely shifts a lot with Charles. I’m standing my ground a lot more and there’s a lot of things to question about the relationship because he really put a dent in what we had. Again, Lucille is really stepping into her power with everyone,”

Michole explained. 

Expect To See More Of Nicole Flenory In Season 3 Of BMF 

Laila Pruitt’s character Nicole has played a dynamic role in the series as she is the glue that holds her loved ones together. Although it looks as if she plays the sidelines, through all the chaos, Nicole Flenory is the voice of reason for her family. As viewers, we watch Nicole grow before our eyes. Now she will be stepping into her own.  

“Everything from Nicole’s fashion choices that she’s making now… to the decisions that she makes, the friends that she has. You’ll sort of see a little bit more of her social life this season,”

Laila tells us.

“Her brothers and their well being, and being worry about them and being loyal to them never leaves her mind but she sort of puts herself first this season and we see her reclaim her time a little bit,”

she added. 

#Clique, stay tuned for season 3 of BMF airing March 1st on STARZ.

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