Man Repeatedly Punches the Back of a Woman’s Back Seat for Reclining

Via #ONSITE Contributor @MannieOnTheScene 

Video shows a man repeatedly punching the back of a woman’s reclined seat which sparks a verbal altercation on an American Airlines flight. 

Woman ironically named Wendi Williams records a video of the guy sitting behind her punching her seat like a speed bag in boxing. He was upset because she had the nerve to recline her seat when he was in the back unable to recline his. Williams notified the flight attendant who then told her to stop recording and offered the in-flight boxer some rum for his troubles. 

Although Wendi is a school teacher, she claims she is going to report this matter to the FBI. She also claims she’s had to get an x-ray, has headaches and lost time from work. 

Who’s side are you on? Does she have the right to recline her seat if she wants to or should she have been considerate of the next Floyd Mayweather in the back row?

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