Mike Tyson Cries While Explaining Life After Boxing And Sugar Ray Leonard’s Influence

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson got pretty emotional as he spoke about his rough childhood and growing up watching Sugar Ray Leonard fight on his podcast ‘Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson’.

The champ was able to share his genuine feelings about fellow boxing icon Sugar Ray directly, as he was the guest on the show’s latest episode. Mike also discussed himself as a fighter and how he struggles with suppressing the person he used to be because that version of him was out of control.

He remarked he missed his former self because that rage is also what aided in making him a phenomenal fighter.

“I know the art of fight, I know the art of war,” Tyson said. “That’s why I’m so feared. That’s why they feared me when I was in the ring ’cause I was an annihilator. I was born for [that]. Now those days are gone. I’m empty. I’m nothing. I’m working on being the art of humbleness.”

As he fought through his tears, Tyson said, “That’s the reason why I’m crying, ’cause I’m not that person no more and I miss him.”

“Sometimes I feel like a b*tch. Because I don’t want that person to come out because if he comes out, hell is coming with him. And it’s not fun at all. [I’m not trying] to sound cool like I’m a tough guy… I’m scared of him.”

Man, it’s always so awkward seeing a tough man cry!

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