‘She Shouldn’t Have Hit My Momma’: Florida Woman Sentenced To Five Years In Prison After 10-Year-Old Daughter Shoots Woman Her Mother Was Fighting

Left: Lashaun Rodgers - Right: Lakrisha S. Isaac

A 10-year-old shot and killed a woman who was exchanging blows with her mom –  and now the mother has been handed a five-year sentence for her negligence in the ordeal.

The fisticuffs went down at a Memorial Day barbecue in 2022, where Lakrisha S. Isaac confronted a party-goer Lashaun Rodgers. The two got into a heated argument before Isaac reportedly handed a bag to her 10-year-old daughter.

Inside the bag was a gun and when the argument turned into a fight, the child took the gun out of the bag and fired two fatal shots. The victim sustained a gunshot wound to the head, according to reports.

“Isaac initiated a physical confrontation by punching [Rodgers]. After the first punch was thrown, [Rodgers] retaliated and punched Isaac,” the affidavit states.

However, the boyfriend of Isaac allegedly tried to break up the fight between the women.

Just when the two women were done with trading blows, witnesses said Isaac and her daughter started to taunt the woman again.  That’s when Rodgers turned around and seemingly started to go at it again with Isaac.

“As [Rodgers] turned around, [the boyfriend] observed [the 10-year-old] holding a black firearm and discharge one to two shots towards [Rodgers]. She immediately fell to the ground and [the boyfriend] attempted to tend to [Rodgers’] gunshot wound,” the affidavit states. “While [the 10-year-old] was still holding the firearm, [the 10-year-old] yelled ‘she shouldn’t have hit my momma.’ [The boyfriend] stated Isaac grabbed the firearm from [the 10-year-old] and Isaac pointed the firearm at the center of [his] chest.”

In May, Isaac pleaded no contest to manslaughter and culpable negligence for leaving a firearm within reach of a minor.

The child will not be charged.

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