Fairlife Discontinues Ice Cream Line

Fairlife, a dairy company that is known for its high-protein milk, has discontinued its ice cream line. The company cited declining sales as the reason for the discontinuation. Fairlife ice cream was launched in 2019 and was available in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The ice cream was made with Fairlife milk, which is ultra-filtered to remove lactose and increase protein content. The discontinuation of Fairlife ice cream comes as the dairy industry is facing challenges. Milk sales have been declining in recent years, as consumers have turned to alternatives like almond milk and soy milk. Fairlife is not the only dairy company that has discontinued an ice cream line. In 2021, Dean Foods discontinued its Breyers Delights ice cream line. The discontinuation of Fairlife ice cream is a blow to the company, which has been trying to expand its product offerings. However, the company still has a strong following for its milk products. Fairlife milk is available in most major grocery stores and has been praised by consumers for its high protein content and taste.