Pennsylvania Man Arrested After Drugging His Mother With Fentanyl Before Killing Her

A Pennsylvania man is now in police custody after drugging his 72-year-old mother with fentanyl and then fatally shooting her, The Bucks County District Attorney’s Office reports. Sunday afternoon, police in Falls Township were notified about a domestic dispute between 28-year-old Sean Rivera and his brother. Rivera reportedly told Adam Clark-Valle that their mother, Carol J. Clark, became sick, was taken to the hospital, and then had died of a heart attack. When Clark-Valle checked the area’s hospitals to look for her, and couldn’t locate her, he reported his mother as missing. After obtaining a search warrant for Clark’s home and vehicle, investigators discovered two guns, bolt cutters, a padlock, an empty padlock package, and a receipt from Home Depot. Prosecutors say that Rivera drugged his mother’s iced tea with fentanyl Saturday night, drove her to a shed in Philadelphia early Sunday morning, shot her multiple times, and locked her inside with one of the newly purchased padlocks. Rivera has since been charged with multiple crimes, including: criminal homicide, kidnapping, and aggravated assault. He is being held at Bucks County Correctional Facility without bond.