Lawsuit Filed Against Funeral Home For Allegedly Providing Families With Fake Ashes

A man has taken legal action against a funeral home, accusing them of providing families with fake ashes, while the real remains of their loved ones were left to decay in the building, reports Law and Crime. 

A man has taken legal action against a funeral home, accusing them of providing families with fake ashes, while the real remains of their loved ones were left to decay in the building, reports Law and Crime.  “In death, these men and women deserved to be treated with respect and dignity,” plaintiff attorney Andrew Swan said per the Associated Press. “Instead, they were defiled.” The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has discovered that there are at least 189 deceased individuals inappropriately stored at a building owned by Return to Nature. As they continue their investigation and make efforts to identify the victims, the number of deceased individuals may vary. Richard Law filed a lawsuit against a funeral home owned by Jon and Carie Hallford. He had entrusted his father, Roger Law, to the funeral home for cremation in 2020. The funeral home gave Richard what they claimed to be Roger’s ashes. However, it is now alleged that Roger’s body was among the bodies discovered in the funeral home building.  The lawsuit is a class action, and other families have come forward expressing doubts about the ashes they received from the funeral home too. “It looked very, very similar, the consistency and everything,” one of the relatives, Tanya Wilson told KDRO. “Then when it dried, it dried into little tiny rocks, very, very similar. It gave me confirmation that I believe it’s concrete.” Richard Law handed over the supposed ashes to the FBI who are authenticating the substance. #Clique, what are your thoughts?

Man Arrested After Placing Hidden Camera Inside Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Public Bathroom, Reports Say

A cruise passenger was arrested for installing a hidden camera in the public bathroom of the ship, recording over 150 people, including minors, per the NY Post.  During an interview with security personnel, Jeremy Froias allegedly confessed to hiding a camera inside the public restroom of the seven-day cruise operated by Royal Caribbean. Froias boarded the ship in Miami on April 29th. According to the criminal complaint obtained by The Post, he placed a hidden Wi-Fi camera in the bathroom a day after the ship set sail.  Days later, a passenger discovered the hidden camera in the bathroom. “At about 7:00 p.m. on May 1, 2023, another passenger noticed the hidden camera and reported it to The Harmony’s crew. Harmony security personnel searched the bathroom and found and seized the hidden camera,” an FBI special agent said in the complaint.  Royal Caribbean security said they found “several hours’ worth of .mp4 video files.” According to the outlet, agents have a video of Froias “setting the camera up and adjusting its angle to get a view of the toilet.” Froias was also seen on camera connecting his iPhone to the hidden camera using Wi-Fi, the affidavit states.  The footage showed more than 150 people going in and out of the bathroom, some using the toilet and others changing into or out of swimwear. Some victims were videotaped naked, including children as young as 4 or 5 years old, according to the complaint. Froias was arrested and charged with “video voyeurism and attempted possession of child exploitation material,” according to court documents per The Post.  #Clique, what are your thoughts?

Fugees Rapper Pras Michel Admits He Was An FBI Informant During His Federal Conspiracy Trial, Faces 22 Years In Prison

It has been revealed that Fugees rapper Pras Michel worked closely with the FBI as a federal informant, according to court proceedings obtained by Rolling Stone.  Pras Michel is reportedly on trial for “conspiring to make illegal campaign contributions using foreign funds, witness tampering, and failing to register as a foreign agent of the Chinese government,” AllHipHop reported. He faces up to 22 years in prison if convicted.  The Fugee rapper testified in his defense Tuesday where he talked about his relationship with Malaysian financier Jho Low and admitted to “voluntarily” meeting with FBI agents regarding “China’s attempt to extradite dissident Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui with the help of Low,” Rolling Stone reported. “I took it upon myself to report because I thought the FBI should know,” Michel told the court. Prosecutors accuse Michel of accepting millions from Low to help “illegally funnel money to Obama’s reelection campaign and lobby Donald Trump’s administration.” He has pleaded not guilty to “federal counts of conspiracy and falsifying records.” Pras claims he’s made no political donations on Low’s behalf. #Clique, what are your thoughts?