9-Year-Old Girl Arrested After Threatening Classmate With Kitchen Knife On Video

A nine-year-old girl is in Detroit police custody after recording herself with a large kitchen knife and describing how she was planning to hurt a classmate, Fox News 2 reported. In the video, the fifth grader is seen making stabbing motions in the air and imitating slitting a throat. “Here is what I am going to do with you,” the elementary schooler says. After learning about the footage, the mother of the girl who received the threats immediately notified Detroit Public Schools Community District. She says the two girls were friends before the 9-year-old was left out of a party. “You can’t play like that with threats,” said the mother whose daughter was threatened. “Before she sent the video she said, ‘F*** my daughter.’ I was really disturbed by it, I was upset.” Initially, the girl who made the video was suspended for three days from Vernor Elementary School, where the two attend the fifth grade. After speaking with the Detroit Police Department, the nine-year-old was brought into custody. “I hope that she gets some help, and I hope that they figure out what’s going on with her and her life,” the threatened girl’s mother said. “If something was to happen to her, only God knows, because I don’t play those type of games.”