Florida Man Confesses To Murdering Roommate Over Thrown Plate Of Food

A man in Fort Pierce, Florida confessed to murdering his roommate, after the roommate allegedly threw the suspect’s plate of food on the ground, Law And Crime reported. On February 12th, officers from the Fort Pierce Police Department were called to a home after someone had seen blood in what looked like a shallow grave in their neighbor’s backyard. After arriving to the home, investigators found a body partially buried in an 18-inch deep hole. According to police documents, a “foot was partially exposed.” Blood, rocks, plywood, shovels, blankets, and a pair of gloves were taken from the scene as evidence. Bryan Marquez, who was immediately taken into custody due to a separate outstanding warrant, confessed to the killing of his roommate, who be only knew as “Guanajuato.” In the arrest report, the 22-year-old claimed that the victim had thrown his plate full of food on the ground and had continuously disrespected him. Later that night, after having a few drinks, Marquez decided to approach him. The suspect says that he then began punching Guanajuato in the ribs, face, and nose until he fell. Once the victim was on the ground, Marquez says he grabbed dirt and gravel then shoved it into his mouth. When he yelled at Guanajuato to stand up, Marquez realized he was dead. Marquez then dragged his roommate’s body to their backyard, buried him, and then went inside to sleep. The New York Post stated that the medical examiner who performed the autopsy discovered gravel and soil that were found inside the man’s larynx, trachea, lungs, and stomach contributed to his death by obstructing his airway. As of Wednesday, Marquez has been charged with first-degree murder.