Inmate Charged With Murder After Punching Pregnant Medical Staff In Stomach, Killing Unborn Child

A Texas inmate is now facing a murder charge after punching a pregnant medical worker’s stomach, causing her to lose the baby, CBS News reports. On April 10th, Cheri Akil was arrested on credit card abuse charges in Fort Worth, Texas. The 39-year-old is accused of stealing someone’s card to perform fraud. Two days after her arrest, Akil was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital due to suicidal tendencies. While receiving medical care, Akil punched a pregnant hospital employee in the stomach. The victim was then taken to the JPS Trauma Unit for treatment for an ultrasound, which showed that the heartbeat of the fetus was no longer detectable. Akil, who has a history of driving while intoxicated, intent to operate a game room violation, and assault causing bodily injury, is now facing a murder charge. The inmate has been moved to a secure area of the hospital, and will be kept there until she’s brought back to the Tarrant County Jail.