Gabrielle Union Doesn’t Regret Her Decision to Embrace Motherhood Later in Life


Throughout her motherhood journey, Gabrielle Union has been deliberate in her choices. She has also been vocal about her experiences raising her daughter. In a captivating video, the 50-year-old actress, who shares her daughter Kaavia with former basketball player Dwyane Wade, opens up about her emotions and everything associated with motherhood. Gabrielle Union Shares Her Thoughts About Motherhood on Instagram It’s well-known that the star of “Deliver Us From Eva” is content with her family, which includes her husband, daughter, and stepchildren. On Friday, Gabrielle Union went the extra mile to explain her perspective on motherhood at a later stage in life. As an older mom who welcomed Kaavia through surrogacy four years ago, Union holds nothing back regarding love and affection. Thankfully, she has no unresolved past traumas. Dressed in a crisp lace beach dress with a halter-neck bra accentuating her shoulder blades, the actress eloquently expresses, “People always ask, ‘Is it worth it? Having kids later in life?’ There’s a lot that goes into answering that question. But in a nutshell: hell yeah, it’s been worth it.” In the indoor video, the actress smiles as she applies lotion to her slender arms, showcasing her timeless beauty. Gabrielle Union, who has been married for almost a decade, confesses that motherhood is a precious feeling that has rejuvenated her life. Motherhood Came When She Had Fully Healed Although she sometimes wishes she had become a mother earlier to have more time with her daughter, she appreciates how her life has unfolded. Union acknowledges that she had past traumas that could have impacted Kaavia if she had been born a day earlier. Motherhood came at the right time when she had fully healed. Union concludes the video with her infectious smile by praising Kaavia as her little miracle.Additionally, Union has become a significant source of inspiration for women and children. The star actress doesn’t leave out the gender-fluid or transgender kids. Dwyane has received unwavering support from his wife as they navigate Zaya’s transition journey. Zaya has repeatedly acknowledged the actress for bsolid strong pillar of support.