DJ Akademiks Locks Head with GloRilla Over Kai Cenat, Who Refuses To Back Down


GloRilla and Kai Cenat’s feud was an invitation to DJ Akademiks, who went on a roast episode. During the process, GloRilla refused to stay defeated, and she asked that DJ Akademiks bring in his beau. GloRilla and Kai Cenat Falls Apart Things seem to have fallen apart for Kai Cenat and GloRilla. The former told fans during his live clip on Twitch that the 24-year-old rapper blocked him. It is unclear why it happened, but fans have come up with the perfect narrative. Maybe, just maybe, Cenat’s bad energy following her song with Fivio Foreign is responsible. The Heat Between Dj Akademiks and GloRilla While the On What You On rapper spared the public details of her fallout with Kai Cenat, she chose to chew on the wrong chord. The 24-year-old targeted DJ Akademiks while on Instagram Live. The Lick or Sum rapper employed derogatory remarks as she called him out. GloRilla also referenced the fact that the DJ never fired an AK before adding “Free KC.” Once aware of the backlash and the liberty ride to free Cenat (KC), Dj Akademiks fired some shots. They were not blanks, as his every word might have hit her badly. DJ Akademiks maintained that the younger rapper lacks respect for adding him to the mix. To him, GloRilla was trying to get Cenat’s attention. This tongue lash was met with heavy responses from GloRilla, who also attacked his physical attributes. She went on to challenge the DJ and his girlfriend. The tempo moved from insulting their looks to bragging about their pockets. With every word uttered, the DJ tried to shatter GloRilla’s confidence. Ultimately, he showed who King Kong was — surprisingly, GloRilla backed off. Complex reports that she maintained it was time to end the trolling, adding that it was a little fun. DJ Akademiks was barely done following her last tweet. He took all the glory while maintaining that she lacked the wits for great music and street fights.