Jaidyn Alexis’ Deal With Columbia Records Makes Blueface Proud: “You Guys Work For Us”

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Jaidyn Alexis joins the host of high flyers to have a deal with Columbia Records. It’s a double portion of happiness and blessing for the 25-year-old. The mother-of-two bagged a new agreement moments after Blueface’s proposal. Meanwhile, this is a big win for the entire family, and Blueface is not slowing his pride breaks. Jaidyn Alexis Is With Columbia Records Alexis enjoyed her big signing moment with those close to her heart. On October 24, the brunette beauty hopped on a private jet alongside her leading man and their two kids. At the venue, they were greeted by music execs. Once Alexis inked the new deal, the squad reeled in the euphoria of her achievement by drinking tall glasses of champagne. Recall that Alexis is affiliated with Blueface’s record label as a signee. Still, he celebrated her with a sweet speech and a quick joke at MILF Music, their label. Blueface blurted: “Shout out to your music. Being the marketing and budget behind Jaidyn so Columbia can see what we doing. I want to go far, I want to go to the top, I want this to never stop…you guys work for us. Raise your hand if you work for MILF Music…” At the same time, Blueface serenaded his beau with sweet words via X. The rapper referenced her as his wife, showcasing that he had already marked that territory. He touted her as the best thing to happen to the entertainment industry in 2024. Is Jaidyn Alexis’ Status A Lie? Not much is known about Alexis’ deal with Columbia Records. But the world knows her status as a skilled artist and soon-to-be bride. While the first cannot be contested, Chrisean Rock tells the world that the second title will not happen. The femcee who shares a son with Blueface believes her ex pulled a publicity stunt with the proposal. The couple are yet to address the rumors— they might just be focused on their happiness for now.

Blueface’s Disturbing Video Of Strippers Performing In Front Of His Children Prompts Urgent Child Services Intervention

It looks like Blueface‘s controversial videos featuring his young son mingling with exotic dancers in their Los Angeles home have not gone unnoticed. Law enforcement and the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) have taken an interest in the matter, reports TMZ.  According to sources, sheriff’s deputies have been summoned to the rapper’s residence a staggering nine times since May. The most serious incident resulted in a DCFS investigation after Blueface shared footage of him interrogating his son’s sexuality while strippers performed in the vicinity. However, it appears that progress in the investigation has been hindered due to unanswered doors and ignored calls to the house, reports reveal. In addition to these concerns, law enforcement has also been called to address noise complaints and unruly dogs. It seems that the explicit videos involving Blueface’s son have raised the most concern, while his party house in the San Fernando Valley has become a hub for further police visits due to rowdy gatherings and fights, per TMZ.  While the LA County DCFS refuses to comment on specific cases, they emphasize that the safety and well-being of the county’s children remain their utmost priority. The ‘Thotiana’ rapper, known for his turbulent relationships, has two children with his on-again off-again girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis. More recently, his newborn son was introduced to the world by Chrisean Rock. The internet has been buzzing with their ongoing drama since the baby’s birth. #Clique, what are your thoughts?