The Kardashian-Jenner Clan Have Possibly Been Cut From The 2023 Met Gala Guest List

It looks like the Kardashian and Jenner clan may potentially be cut from the leading fashion event of the year, The Met Gala.  PageSix reported that Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue may not be extending an invite to the family this year as she puzzles out this year’s guest list. Although Vogue hasn’t made a comment regarding the speculations, sources that are close to the family claim the rumors aren’t true. Nevertheless, it’s still up in the air if anyone in the family will attend this year’s festivities.  Kim Kardashian attended the star-studded event for the first time back in 2013 with her former husband, Kanye West. However, last year, the Kardashian-Jenner family attended as a unit for the first time.  #Clique, what are your thoughts?