RUTH KADIRI Issues Warning To Ghanaian Television Stations

Reports By Pulse, Popular Nollywood Actress and filmmaker, Ruth Kadiri, has issued a strong warning to Ghanaian television stations that have been broadcasting her content without proper authorization. She has also announced her intention to take legal action against those who engage in such unauthorized broadcasting. The actress shared her frustration and stressed the importance of respecting intellectual property rights. She pointed out that the unauthorized airing of her movies not only violated her rights but also negatively impacted the livelihoods of the many individuals involved in the production process. In a video shared online, Ruth Kadiri expressed her frustration with local broadcasting platforms that were airing her content without the appropriate permissions. She cautioned that she would not hesitate to involve her lawyers in addressing this issue: “I have a lot of love for the entire country, but I’m deeply disappointed that a major TV station in Ghana would take my content, edit it, and broadcast it as if they have the license to do so. And it’s not just one station, it’s multiple. I’ve hesitated to watermark my content because I believe it would detract from its quality. This is my first warning, and it will be the last because if it happens again, you will hear from my legal team.” She further emphasized the importance of supporting content creators by respecting their work and obtaining the necessary rights rather than resorting to unauthorized broadcasting Clique weigh in your thoughts on this