Kai Cenat Calls Out Lil Nas X Over His Disrespect For The Christian Religion


Kai Cenat is refusing to see the creativity in Lil Nas X’s j Christ video and he has issued out a warning backed with criticism for the rapper. Kai Cenat Launches At Lil Nas X With His Words An Instagram video making the rounds has shown Cenat slamming Lil Nas X for being condescending to Christian beliefs. He screamed: “Yo, Lil Nas X, you could eat my whole dick! I hate that n-gga, bro. God gonna handle you in the right way … God gonna handle you, bro.” In the background, someone asked his reason for the warning, and he added: “He’s extremely disrespectful. Go on his page, bro. He’s disrespecting God himself. He’s disrespecting the whole culture.” In recent times, Lil Nas X has targeted the concept of Jesus. The rapper’s Christ clip painted Jesus in a sinful manner contrary to what is in the Bible. He added a host of controversies by playing basketball with the devil and dancing like a cheerleader while protecting a heavenly creature. At the same time, in the clip, he featured a celebrity look-alike ascending to heaven. The list included Mariah Carey, Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Kanye West and Barack Obama. This has angered a host of other people apart from Cenat. However, the reaction from boxer Ryan Garcia is different from Cenat’s. Following the release of Lil Nas X’s clip, the fighter called on Christians, explaining that it was a hurtful thing to take pride in taunting Jesus. In the end, he declared the most Christian thing. HipHopDX shared: “Pray for Lil Nas X. Although it may enrage Christians, what he is doing, we are called to pray for our adversaries. So lift him up in prayer so he can see what he is actually doing. Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. Love one another.” For now, Lil Nas X is in a world of his own and has refused to respond to either Cenat or Garcia.

Lil Nas X Named In $1 Million Lawsuit Over Hollywood Hills Mansion Party, Reports Say

Lil Nas X is being sued by a property owner who claims that the pop star threw an unauthorized mansion party at his residence, TMZ reported.  Landlord, Daniel Fitzgerald is suing Lil Nas X, 23, and famed DJ, DJ Zedd, 33, for $1 million after they went against his wishes and hosted a party in his Hollywood Hills mansion. Fitzgerald claims his property was left with “considerable damages,” reports note.  The big bash, which was held in April 2022, reportedly held 1,000 partygoers with performances from the “Old Town Road” singer. DJ Zedd and Lil Nas X was reportedly paid $250,000 for their appearance at the party.  According to Fitzgerald, he was left with $25,000 in damages to his property, “with the walls, ceilings, sofas, and chairs left in need of repair.” He alleges that he also lost $40,000 in rental fees that he could have collected in the month that repairs were being done. He is asking for $1 million in his suit from the entertainers as well as the promoters and sponsors of the bash. #Clique, what are your thoughts?