Missing Woman’s Body Discovered Dismembered In River, Man She Met Online Charged With Murder

A 19-year-old woman from New Iberia, Louisiana, was tragically linked to a 29-year-old man she reportedly met on the internet. Sheryl M. Turner was last seen on Dec. 31, 2023, when she visited Anthony Pierce Holland Jr.’s residence in West Monroe, as stated in a press release by the Catahoula Parish Sheriff’s Department on April 24, per PEOPLE.  Turner and Holland Jr. had a romantic relationship through text messages. Before leaving home, Turner informed her family that she would be staying with him, as stated in a press release by the West Monroe Police Department, who worked with Catahoula authorities. “Turner’s phone was connected to wifi near Holland Jr.’s phone until it stopped transmitting on the night of Jan. 2,” according to KLFY-TV, reports PEOPLE. Her twin sister, Sherry, reported her missing on Jan. 3 and expressed concern as the days went by. Sheryl M. Turner’s body discovered On Jan. 24, practically three weeks later, the Catahoula Parish Sheriff’s Office was alerted to a body discovered floating in the Ouachita River. The West Monroe Police Department revealed, “Deputies recovered the body, and the remains were found to be only a torso. There was no head or extremities connected to the body. The remains were sent for an autopsy and the findings led to the case being listed as a homicide.”  Using a DNA sample from Sherry, Sheryl’s twin sister, the remains were confirmed to be Sheryl’s on Feb. 23rd. Based on “forensic data and surveillance,” Holland Jr. became a suspect. The West Monroe Police Department searched his home on April 23rd. “During the search warrants at Holland’s home, forensic evidence of a crime of violence was obtained. During subsequent interviews with Holland, he admitted to killing Turner inside his residence,” said the press release.  Holland Jr. was apprehended without any problems and is now in custody. The department charged him with Second-Degree Murder.

Professor With Clown Fetish Asked To Paint Female Students’ Faces In Exchange For Cash Or Extra Credit

A college geography professor, Joseph Tokosh, resigned from Nicholls University in Louisiana after being exposed for asking female students to paint their faces, per the NY Post.  The bizarre behavior was revealed by the student newspaper in March, prompting his immediate resignation. Before the report, Tokosh had openly shared his interest in face painting and clowning on social media. “I have a facepaint fetish and convince the cute girls in my classes to let me paint their faces,” he stated on Reddit. Tokosh openly engaged in discussions about his fetish on various online platforms, including Facebook groups and YouTube videos. The newspaper discovered that he even shared pictures of women in white face paint on Reddit. This raised concerns about university background checks and his previously reported interactions with campus police and student complaints. He even offered money to students who allowed him to paint their faces. “If anyone is looking for some extra cash, I am looking for people to practice facepainting on!” he wrote. “I will literally pay you!” Sophie Levan, who was an 18-year-old student at Kent State at the time, had her first encounter with Tokosh in 2017. He was a 28-year-old graduate student and employee at the college. Tokosh allegedly offered to pick her up from her dorm to paint her face in the geography department building. When she declined, Tokosh became aggressive. Levan filed a police report in January 2018.  According to USA Today, Tokosh left Kent State after he pleaded no contest to unlawfully entering his fellow students’ offices and stealing a USB drive.  On March 27, the student newspaper ran a story titled “Geography professor suspended amid sexual harassment allegations.” Campus TV reporters confronted Tokosh, who claimed that the face painting was necessary for his geography class to enhance cultural understanding. “That’s an assignment in one of my classes where they actually come up with their own face paint and makeup design inspired by a culture and they implement it,” he said. Tokosh resigned on the same day, although he had been dismissed by the university in February for undisclosed reasons. No criminal charges have been filed against him regarding the face painting. #Clique, what are your thoughts?

Officials Discover Woman’s Body In Walk-In Freezer At Arby’s Restaurant

Louisiana officials are investigating a questionable death after a corpse was discovered in a walk-in freezer at a New Iberia Arby’s restaurant, officials said, according to FOX.  The police department reports that the female victim was a staff member at the restaurant chain, reports KADN. The cause of her death hasn’t been determined as of yet. Leland Laseter, the New Iberia Police Capt, told the news outlet, “So it was an employee that discovered the female deceased inside the cooler, (and) the deceased is an employee of the restaurant.”  Preliminary details reveal that the police captain says the death is “suspicious;” however, foul play isn’t predicted and it could’ve been an accident. “Nothing is set in stone yet,” said the captain.  “A situation like this is unusual, so we’re taking extra precautions during the investigation ….(We) pretty much have completed our process at the crime scene. After completely processing the crime scene… this does not seem like a homicide, it seems like an accident,” Laster continued to say.  Officials are waiting for the autopsy results to find out the cause of death.  #Clique, what are your thoughts? 

Teen Arrested For Allegedly Shooting His Stepdad Over Fight About Washing Dishes

A Louisiana teen was arrested for allegedly shooting his stepfather over a fight about washing dishes, NY Post reported.  Police arrested Sha’mikel Jones, 18, at a home in Shreveport, Sunday. Officers said they responded to a call about a shooting on Melrose Street at around 10:30 a.m.  When police arrived on the scene they found that Jones had shot his stepfather in the leg with a shotgun. The stepfather, who has not been identified, was taken to the hospital where he suffered non-life-threatening injuries. He is expected to make a full recovery.  Police say the two got into a verbal spat after Jones “refused to help wash the dishes and clean his room,” reports state. Jones is charged with second-degree aggravated battery and remains in jail as he awaits a bond hearing.  #Clique, what are your thoughts?

Kaivon Washington, Suspect In The Madison Brooks Rape, Accused Of Raping 12-Year-Old Girl In 2020

New details into the rape and death of LSU student Madison Brooks have revealed that one of the suspects was involved in a prior rape of a 12-year-old girl in 2020, the NY Post reported.  According to documents obtained by WBRZ, Kaivon Washington, 18, was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl at the age of 15. Reports state, that the two attended a birthday party and after the girl left the party to go swimming at an apartment complex Washington allegedly followed and raped her. The incident occurred at Livingston Parish in May or June 2020, reports note.  The girl told police that Washington forced her towel off and raped her for about 30 minutes in an apartment. The 12-year-old was taken to the hospital where she was examined. Washington denied the allegations and the case had gone cold until recently. A witness came forward on Friday stating that she had seen Washington go into a room with the victim.  “She witnessed the accused enter the victim’s bedroom, but denied hearing any voices or sounds that would have led her to think someone was having sex,” the arrest report states. “She further stated that she did not hear anyone hollering.” Ron Haley, Washington’s lawyer, addressed the allegations against his client and questioned the timing of the witness.  “Mr. Washington and his mother cooperated with the investigation two years ago, and law enforcement took no action,” Haley said. “Upon the review of the new statement from a witness that came forward yesterday, we are concerned not only of the timing of this statement, but whether it meets the threshold of probable cause.” Washington was arrested and charged with third-degree rape in connection to the alleged rape of LSU student Madison Brooke who later died from being struck by a vehicle after Washington along with two other men and a 17-year-old boy dumped her on the side of the street. #Clique, what are your thoughts?

High School Cafeteria Worker Arrested For allegedly Selling ‘Edible Marijuana’ To Students

A high school cafeteria worker in Louisiana was arrested for allegedly selling homemade weed edibles to students, per WAFB.  Tymetrica Cohn was arrested and dismissed from Sumner High School after authorities got a tip that the 45-year-old was selling “edible marijuana” to students.  Tangipahoa Parish School Superintendent Melissa Stilley praised the student who brought the matter to the attention of staff and administrators. “I want to commend this student who saw something and used the P3 app to bring this threat to the attention of our school officials and law enforcement,” Stilley said. According to the outlet, Cohn was a temporary staff at the high school and was hired by an outside staffing agency.  Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office narcotics agents began to investigate the complaint and eventually linked Cohn to the crime. She was charged with one count each of possession/distribution of a controlled dangerous substance and distribution of a controlled dangerous substance in a drug-free zone, reports state.  She awaits trial at the Tangipahoa Parish Jail.  #Clique, what are your thoughts?

Louisiana Woman Arrested For Stabbing Boyfriend After He Urinated In Their Bed

On Saturday, January 14th, deputies of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana responded to a stabbing victim at a local hospital, New York Post reported. The alleged victim, who was being treated for a punctured lung and stab wound on the left side of his torso, claims that he was stabbed by his girlfriend for urinating in their bed in his sleep after a night of heavy drinking. The suspect, Briana Lacost, tells a different story. She claims that though she did wake up her boyfriend for urinating in their bed and began to yell at him, he had attacked her first. The 25-year-old told police that in the middle of her confronting him, her boyfriend began hitting and choking her. After attempting to fight the bed-wetter off, she allegedly stabbed him in self-defense. After the incident occurred, Lacost performed simple first aid, but his injuries were too great and she took him to a nearby hospital. There, she was arrested and charged with second-degree attempted murder. #Clique, who do you believe is telling the truth about what happened?

Woman Raped Amid Drug Sting While Working As Informant Sues Police Handers, Believes Officials Failed To Protect Her During Undercover Operation

According to Fox, a police informant who was raped during an undercover drug purchase in Louisiana is suing her police handlers for failing to properly monitor her, which she claims caused her to be sexually assaulted.  The lawsuit states that officials, Rapides Parish sheriff’s deputies, “coerced” her into becoming a confidential informant following her arrest on felony drug charges. She said they neglected to keep her safe and “protect” her when the undercover drug buy went left. Fox reports that the sexual assault happened in Jan. 2021. The reported assaulter, Antonio D. Jones, was sentenced back in Nov. 2022 and sentenced to 10 years.  During the undercover operation, the unidentified woman was sporting a hidden camera that filmed Jones forcing her to give him oral sex and at a point, he stopped and reportedly did another drug deal. Officials waiting close to the scene was scared that the woman was in the “stash house” too long, which was where the attack happened and one official even thought about going inside before allowing the undercover operation to “play out.”  Lt. Mark Parker, a retired deputy, informed The Associated Press last year that the sheriff’s office didn’t begin using gear that’s able to film in real-time until after the woman‘s attack. He told The Associated Press, “We’ve always done it this way. She was an addict and we just used her as an informant like we’ve done a million times before. Looking back, it’s easy to say, ‘What if?’” #Clique, what are your thoughts? 

7-Year-Old Girl Mauled To Death By Pit Bull As She Played Outside, According To Reports 

Sadly, a 7-year-old girl has lost her life after she was attacked by a pit bull as she played outside of a family member’s Louisiana home, officials say. The girl has been identified as Sadie Davila by WLBT-TV and The Advocate.  The Advocate reported that family members attempted to save the young girl from the dog with a cane. Medical personnel informed officials that the young girl had “numerous dog bites to her face and substantial damage to her skull.”  The dog owners were charged with negligent homicide as they failed to restrict the dog while allowing him to walk around the neighborhood. The owner has been identified as Erick Lopez, 20. He was taken into custody on Saturday; however, he was later bonded out on Monday.  Sadie was remembered by her first grade teacher, Grace Feucht, as “fierce and spunky.”  “She was a gift to me and made me smile and laugh many times. I sadly expect our classroom to feel considerably emptier Monday without her precious presence,” said Feucht.  #Clique, let’s keep Sadie Davila’s family in our thoughts and prayers! 

Police Officer Arrested After High-Speed Chase Led To Crash That Left Two High School Cheerleaders Dead

A Louisiana police officer is behind bars after crashing into a vehicle, during a high-speed chase, that left two high school cheerleaders dead, NY Post reported.   Officer David Cauthron, 42, of the Addis police force, was taken into custody Sunday after ramming his patrol car into an unrelated vehicle which led to the death of Maggie Dunn, 17, and Caroline Gill, 15. Maggie’s brother Liam Dunn, was also “critically injured” from the crash.  According to the outlet, Cauthron was in a high-speed pursuit of 24-year-old Tyquel Zanders, during the time of the crash. Zanders is accused of stealing a family member’s vehicle. Sources told the news station that Cauthron’s car was going 86 miles per hour at the time of the crash and no brakes were applied before impact. Witnesses said Cauthron also ran the red light when he reached the intersection, according to the news station. Cauthron was charged with two counts of negligent homicide and one count of negligent injuring reports state. Zanders, who was later apprehended when his car stopped, will also face charges of manslaughter in the deaths of the two girls in addition to the charges linked to the car theft, according to the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, the newspaper reported. “For these kids to not to have been able to start the New Year is inexcusable, but we’ll follow the facts first,” District Attorney Tony told the new station, adding that Cauthron “has a lot of questions to answer pertaining to his speed and sheer negligence.” #Clique, what are your thoughts?