87-Year-Old Woman Fought Off Teen Who Broke Into Her Home Then Fed Him After He Told Her He Was ‘Awfully Hungry’

An elderly woman from Maine who managed to fight off a teen attacker, later fed him after he informed her that he was “hungry.”  87-year-old Marjorie Perkins revealed that on July 26 at 2 a.m. she witnessed a male hovering over her bed. He “shed” both his pants and shirt informing her that he’ll cut her. She explained, “I thought to myself, if he’s going to cut, then I’m going to kick.”  She managed to put on her shoes and defend herself placing a car between herself and the attacker as they jolted around her home. The teen was able to strike her in her forehead and check before running to the kitchen. Perkins said he told her that he was “awfully hungry.” She then gave him some crackers, two tangerines, and two protein drinks. The elderly woman then contacted 911 on her rotary phone and as she spoke to the dispatcher, the unidentified attacker grabbed his pants and fled. According to AP, Perkins said he left “a knife, shirt, shoes, and a water bottle containing alcohol.”  Despite the unfortunate attack, she revealed that she still feels safe at the home she’s been living in for 42 years; however, she’s still concerned about “rampant crime.”  The teen who broke into the woman’s home was later found by police and charged “with burglary, criminal threatening, assault and consuming liquor as a minor,” AP reports. The unidentified teen only stays a few blocks away from Perkins.  #Clique, what are your thoughts?

Witnesses Follow Kidnapper After Seeing Woman Being Forced Into Back Of U-Haul

On Saturday, January 14, just after 10 P.M., the police department in Bangor, Maine received multiple calls reporting a kidnapping in a Target parking lot. According to NBC affiliate News Center Maine, witnesses reported seeing a woman being grabbed and forced into a U-Haul rental van. When the van drove away, two of the witnesses attempted to follow it, staying on the phone with dispatchers to inform authorities of its location. Eventually, they lost the moving van’s location, but police were able to track it down on a nearby freeway, and Bangor Police Department officers was able to make the arrest. The driver of the van has now been identified as Colby Cooper from Brewer, Maine. According to police records, the 21-year-old is the former boyfriend of the victim. Cooper has now been charged with kidnapping, eluding, and domestic violence assault, and remains in Penobscot County Jail.