Man Stalked Store Employee Before Stabbing Her Seven Times On Valentine’s Day

A man in Manchester, Connecticut has been arrested after stalking an employee at a grocery store he frequented before stabbing her seven times on Valentine’s Day. According to NBC Connecticut, Damion Davis regularly shopped at Sam’s Food Store, where the victim worked at. During the night of the attack, surveillance footage captured Davis kneeling by basement doors outside of the victim’s home. According to police records, he was seen wearing a “complicated hooded face mask.” Shortly after 7 P.M., when the victim had returned to her house, Davis follows her inside. The victim’s screams are heard on her Ring camera, then the 35-year-old is shown fleeing the scene. The victim’s cousin, who had witnessed the suspect stabbing the victim in the stomach, immediately dialed 911. Prior to the attack, Davis was at a smoke shop for less than an hour, claiming that the victim was his girlfriend. One of the witnesses told investigators that Davis knew a lot about the woman, and had made inappropriate sexual remarks about her. The victim claims that she has had no interactions with the suspect, other than while she was at work. As of now, victim remains in the hospital, but is expected to fully recover from her injuries. With security footage and the victim’s statement, officer’s from the Manchester Police Department were able to identify Davis as the suspect. He was then immediately tracked down and taken into police custody. During his interrogation, he confessed to the stabbing and later admitted to slashing tires of the victim’s vehicle at least twice within the last three months. Damion Davis has been charged with first-degree assault, home invasion, first-degree burglary, and second-degree stalking. He remains in jail on a $1 million dollar bond, and is scheduled to appear in court on March 8th.