Sheryl Lee Ralph and Husband Senator Vincent Hughes Are Finally Moving in Together After 20 Years of Marriage

Sheryl Lee Ralph and Vincent Hughes/Twitter

Abbott Elementary star Sheryl Lee Ralph and her husband Senator Vincent Hughes are planning on a new situationship in their 20-year marriage. They’re moving in together, according to ET. If you’re scratching your head wondering how they are not already living together, just know the bi-coastal relationship between the two has been working famously. Lee Ralph is a busy and in-demand actress who lives in Los Angeles while Hughes is an esteemed senator in Pennsylvania. The two married in 2005. It seems the distance would complicate the relationship but 20 years in, they’ve been making it work for the better. During an interview Lee Ralph, 66, spoke about the secret to their longevity and admitted:“We don’t live together!” she said laughing. “I see him every two weeks. And when I see him, I’m so happy to see him, and then when I’m leaving, I’m so happy to leave because I know I’ll be back again! Yeah, it works!” “You have to have an incredible amount of trust in that other person. We spend a lot of time talking to each other. But if [Vincent] doesn’t see me every two weeks, he gets a little nervous.” Although Lee Ralph’s primary residence is in Cali, she plans on settling in Philadelphia with Hughes. #Clique are you surprised this long-distance relationship has worked out for 20 years?

Jeezy Opens Up About Failed Marriage To Jeannie Mai, Says He Feels “Disappointed”


Weeks after kissing his marriage to Jeannie Mai Jenkins goodbye, rapper Jeezy airs his side of the story. The entertainer sat down to have an emotional time with Nia Long, whose 13-year romance with Ime Udoka packed up last year. Jeezy Pulled The Plugs Of His Marriage For some famous couples, what begins as a happy ever after does not always make it to forever land. While some celebrities may blame the media for their interference or spotlight, some are brave enough to take the blame. An example of being accountable is Jeezy’s marriage to Jeannie Mai Jenkins. The pair were inseparable after sharing their vows, but the walls came crashing after two years. In September, after many trials to revive the spark and set things right, Jeezy slammed the divorce papers on the table. Jeezy Confides In Nia Long Following Split With Jeannie Mai Jenkins While speaking to Nia Long, Jeezy confessed that losing his marriage to Jeannie Mai Jenkins was difficult. In an honest tone, as per KDH News, he said: “I can tell you that I’m sad. I can tell you that I’m disappointed. I can tell you that I’m uneasy.” Despite how hard it all seems, he referenced God for taking him on a different journey to self-discovery. Although he lost his marriage, he still has his kids, who are all the inspiration he needs. Jeezy, a father of four, including his youngest — toddler daughter with Jeannie, said he wants to leave a legacy for his children. In the end, when they hear his story, he wants them to see him as a survivor who does not shy away from loss and failure. Neither Jeezy nor Jeannie has come out to share what they experienced in the marriage and why it ended. But fans can hold on to the fact that they tried to salvage the situation.

Jada Pickett Smith Reveals Shocking News About Engagement Ring Purchase After Will Smith Proposed


According to Insider Jada Pinkett Smith reveals in her memoir “Worthy” Where she detailed her childhood, Hollywood stardom, and relationship with Will Smith that she bought her own engagement ring after he proposed to her so she could maintain some form of control and prepare herself for marriage, per Insider. “I went to Harry Winston in Beverly Hills and bought my ring, a nice-sized pear-shaped diamond set in a platinum band,” Jada Pinkett wrote in her newly released memoir. “By buying my own ring, I took some measure of control and sent the message to myself: All right, get with the program.” She went on to reveal that a decade later, Will Smith outdoes himself and gets a 10-carat Graff diamond ring, she added that in the moment she had to move quickly to make it all real and concrete for her psyche. Jada says the ring was a statement to her fear saying “Get used to this now.” The pair wed in 1997 and have two children together, son Jaden Smith and daughter Willow Smith, but Pinkett Smith never wished to be married.  Jada Pinkett says this choice was never about Will Smith, it was due to her long-held belief that marriage wasn’t for her additionally stating that her mom Adrienne Banfield had two failed marriages. “My big predicament was being too scared to get married and just as scared not to get married,” she said. “I was stuck.” After Jada became pregnant with their first child, her mom told her that she had to marry Smith.Despite her resistance to the concept of marriage, she accepted Smith’s proposal.  “Once I accepted that this tiny being inside me was having her or his way, and had chosen us as parents, I was able to listen to Will when he came to my side as I was resting on the chaise lounge I had put in his bedroom,” She wrote. “As I was lying there, trying to ease my all-day pregnancy sickness, Will leaned in and proposed by saying there was no way I was going to have a baby without him marrying me.” “All I could do was cry,” Pinket Smith. “His proposal was beautiful and sincere, but I was scared as hell.” When Jada and Will got married in December 1997, she found herself “straight-up bawling” While walking down the aisle. “I was happy and sad, hopeful and scared, triumphant and uncertain,” she said. “But what I knew was that I was going to give this marriage my best.” Although Jada Pinkett and Will have been legally married for more than two decades, she revealed during her promotional tour for Worthy that they quietly separated in 2016. She also said that the pair “did some really deep work together” After the 2022 Oscars and are currently working on reconciling. #Clique, what are your thoughts on this, should they keep it coming or keep us out of grown folks’ business?

Things You Can Do to Keep Your Marriage and Family Happy

In pursuing enduring happiness within marriage and family life, it is crucial to employ proactive strategies. This article explores practical methods for nurturing contentment, emphasizing open communication, quality time, financial planning, and conflict resolution. Regardless of your stage in family life, these methods can be tailored to suit your unique circumstances. By committing to these tried-and-tested practices, you can create a loving, harmonious environment that not only withstands challenges but also thrives amidst them, ensuring lasting marital and familial bliss. The Family Should Identify and Express Their Needs to One Another Open and empathetic communication, active listening, and regular family meetings are crucial for identifying and expressing needs within a family, fostering mutual respect and empathy, and strengthening family bonds. This way, subtle rifts can be resolved amicably. The Couple Should Foster Romantic Relationships Fostering a romantic connection and treating each other as partners, not just parents, are essential for a thriving marriage. This involves dedicating time to nurture the romantic aspects of the relationship, like date nights and conversations about desires and interests outside of parental roles. Balancing the roles of lovers and parents strengthens the bond, ensuring a happier and more dynamic partnership. Build Unity in the Family by Making Decisions Together Making decisions as a family is vital for unity. It involves including everyone, teaching essential life skills, and strengthening bonds. Whether it’s about vacations, rules, or finances, this approach encourages freedom of speech and thoughtful, collective choices, fostering trust and togetherness for a happier household. Balancing the Marriage and Kids Parents must recognize the ongoing debate between prioritizing their marriage or their children. Balancing both is essential, as a solid marital foundation can create a stable family environment that benefits children. Effective communication, mutual respect, and balance are critical to enduring family happiness. This involves communication, active listening, and family meetings for identifying needs and making decisions. Couples should also prioritize their romantic connection alongside parental roles. Balancing marriage and parenting requires constant dialogue and compromise.

Sex Therapist Reveals She Engages In Intimate Relationships With Clients To Repair Troubled Marriages

Olivia Bentley, a sex therapist, adopts a hands-on approach by engaging in intimate relationships with her clients, claiming to have positively impacted marriages and transformed lives, per The Post.  “I get physically involved with the majority of the people I see, I think that’s part of the appeal,” the “veteran” sex worker told Kennedy News. With 15 years of experience in the industry, Bentley revealed that women have approached her to demonstrate “demo sex acts” on their husbands, while certain wives give their partners a “hall pass” to seek Bentley’s services. “Some ladies say, ‘I don’t always want to be involved in this but I want to know who you are, I want to approve of you and I’m going to let him come and see you,’” the 46-year-old sex educator, who makes $500,000 annually for her services, stated. When she’s not in the bedroom, Bentley, who has a client load of up to 10 per week, provides emotional support to her customers and offers advice on how to maintain a satisfying sex life. “People are usually nervous so I have to do my job at making them feel very comfortable and easing them into it, I’m kind of like the guide,” noting that she wants the women to “feel very confident and comfortable,” she told the outlet. “I’m very affectionate physically and emotionally towards the wife always. If she’s feeling very good, then the mood is elevated and we have a really good time and the husband is very grateful for the experience.” Although Bentley may not possess formal “counseling qualifications,” she holds a master’s degree in education and gained knowledge about intimate techniques during her employment at Nevada’s Moonlite BunnyRanch, a licensed brothel. As a self-proclaimed sex therapist, she criticizes women who deny their partners’ sexual needs, deeming it unfair. “I know there are a lot of sexless relationships out there and there are a lot of unhappy men,” she said. Bentley claims that her male clients have expressed that their sex lives have gone, “out the door,” after a few years of marriage. “It’s not an option to get married to a man and then turn around and say, ‘Oh, sorry, I’m not into sex anymore, too bad for you,’” she said. Additionally, Bentley advises her clients to keep it “spicy” outside of the bedroom by maintaining a fit physique which contributes to a fiery sex life. She believes that physical fitness has the potential to enhance libido. “The more athletic you are, the more sex you want to have — you feel more confident and aroused,” explained Bentley, a fitness enthusiast herself. “Couples who have sessions with me are the coolest in the world because they understand the importance of sexuality in their relationship as a part of maintaining a healthy marriage,” Bentley said applauding her clients for their “bravery” in establishing a healthy sex life.  #Clique, what are your thoughts?

REGGIE ZIPPY and Wife ‘EDITH’ Announce Divorce On Social Media Over His Affairs With Another Woman

According to Ghana Web, One half of the X-Factor duo Reggie N Bollie, Reggie Zippy has announced his divorce from his wife of 15 years, Edith Ward. The Ghanaian UK-based musician made the announcement on his social media platform on Friday, August 18, 2023. In a lengthy post, Reggie said that he and Edith had decided to go their separate ways after a long and difficult decision-making process. “After 15 years of being married to my wife, Edith Ward, we have decided to go our separate ways…This was not an easy decision, but it is one that we have made together after much thought and consideration.” He revealed he stressed that he and Edith are still “very good friends” And that they will continue to co-parent their three children. He also said that he is “grateful” For the time they spent together and that he wishes Edith “all the best in the future.” The announcement of their divorce came as a shock to many of their fans. The couple had been together for over 20 years and had been married for 15 years. They had three children together, two sons and a daughter. Their divorce is the latest in a string of celebrity breakups this year. The reasons for their split are still unclear, but the “4 Sale” Hitmaker’s social media post suggests that it was a mutual decision Edith Ward took to her social media to say Reggie Zippy has been dating another woman – a white woman. She said he often brags about it and abuses her emotionally whilst withholding financial resources from their children. Edith Ward wrote “I walked away after you betrayed and walked away from our covenant (marriage). Lies, deceit, constant cheating, years of alcohol and financial abuse that made me end up working day n night to save my family… my love, care n patience still were not enough for u to stop it all. So I decided to save myself and my children from hell…..” She told her over 7,000 Instagram followers. “I walked away and never turned back! Now continue to live ur life happily with the “white” (as u like to brag it to me) woman u had been with for the past 2-3 yrs whilst still married, start providing for ur kids and stop creating this false narrative online to make me look bad.” #Clique what are your thoughts on this?

LAGOS Socialite Rescued From Jumping Into Lagoon On Third Mainland Bridge Over Failed Marriage.

Reports By Vanguard, Tragedy was averted on Thursday, when a popular Lagos socialite and owner of House of Phreedah, Farida Abdulkabir was saved from plunging into lagoon on third mainland bridge over crashed marriage. Farida, whose N100 million marriage crashed after two months was saved by passersby and first responders on the Third Mainland Bridge. In a viral video, Farida was seen being held on to by rescuers as she struggled to break free and jump into the lagoon in an attempt to commit suicide. The rescuers were seen pacifying her to desist from the act, assuring her there was no need to take her life. The beauty entrepreneur owns a beauty lounge and spa located at number 116 Akerele street, Surulere, Lagos. She was married to another Lagos socialite, Demola Okulaja, in a grand marriage about two months ago. It was gathered that her husband, Okulaja walked out of the matrimonial home. Subsequently, the couple engaged in altercations, revealed shocking family secrets on social media, and called each other unprintable names. Several efforts by family members and close allies to reconcile the two couple failed leading to Farida attempting suicide to end it all. #Clique what are your thoughts?

Former Skye Bank Chairman TUNDE AYENI In Paternity War With Baby Mother. Wife Come To His Defense

According to THISDAY NEWSPAPER, Mr Ayeni confirmed in a statement that he was in a relationship with Ms Alagwu that ended in 2019. Nigerian businessman and former Skye Bank chairman Tunde Ayeni tussles paternity war with Ms Adaobi Alagwu a former classmate of his daughter. Abiola Ayene, the wife of the businessman has revealed that God told her about her husband’s alleged mistress.Adressing the ongoing scandal making its rounds on the internet, his wife and mother of his three children said God gave her a revelation. Mrs Ayeni said “Truth be told, the first thing I did when I heard the news was to check with God if indeed he would fold his arms and let anyone destroy a home he used his hands to build and guard jealously for 31 years and he told me that her claim is untrue and I should disregard it, In the end the truth shall prevail”. Mrs Ayeni further said she is not surprised the so called girl is parading herself to be who she is not, citing that by doing so, it is evident that she is a desperate gold digger and a slut who thinks she can become Mrs Ayeni by merely pinning a child on her highest paying victim. She also stated that Ms Adaobi has been warned through her lawyer to desist from parading herself as Mrs Ayeni because she is not and she will never be as the Lord lives.Mrs Ayeni is the founder of Divine Endowments, a leading fashion outlet in the United Kingdom and the U.S.She met her husband in Law school and was called to the Nigerian bar in 1991. #Clique what are your thoughts on this?

Husband Accused of Drugging His Wife and Allowing At Least 51 Men To Rape Her While He Filmed It, Occurred Over a Decade-long

A French man was busted for allegedly drugging his wife and inviting nearly 51 men to rape her while she was unconscious for over a 10-year period, NY Post reported. Police say he recorded each assault on his hidden camera.  The husband has been identified as Dominique P, reports reveal. According to a court filing obtained by local French outlet La Monde, Dominique had been mixing his wife’s dinner with an anti-anxiety drug called Lorazepam since 2011. The drug, unbeknownst to her, would cause her extreme fatigue and absent-mindedness.  In 2020, authorities discovered disturbing videos of the helpless woman after Dominique was busted trying to snap a video of another woman in a changing room with the same camera. Police say the videos were saved to a USB under a file named “ABUSES.” A total of 51 men, between the ages of 26 and 73, were caught on video assaulting the victim. They have all been charged with rape, reports reveal. It is unclear what charges the husband is facing for his alleged role. The couple had been married for 50 years and share three adult children. Dominique told police that his wife is a “saint” and “the love of his life.”  According to prosecutors, the woman broke down in tears when she was told the news. She was given medical tests that revealed she was suffering from four different sexually transmitted diseases. She has since filed for divorce. #Clique, what are your thoughts?

Bride Goes From Happy Wife To Grieving Widow “Within A 10-Minute Span” After Husband Dies At Wedding


Unfortunately, death has come too soon for one happily married couple. On June 19th, Johnnie Mae Davis went from happy wife to grieving widow “within a 10-minute span” after her husband, Toraze Davis, unexpectedly died from a fatal blood clot shortly after their wedding nuptials, reports The New York Post. “Toraze suffered from a medical event that was not survivable,” wedding guest, Jewel Roberson, told Des Moines, Iowa’s KCCI News. Davis died at 48. “His heart stopped for the first time at 4:35 p.m. — just an hour after the ceremony had begun,” Roberson stated. Also, she added that the harrowing incident happened suddenly. “In a second. It happened within seconds.”  The Omaha, Nebraska couple chose the 19th as their wedding day in honor of Juneteenth and Johnnie’s Mae’s grandmother’s birthday.  Relatives and friends mentioned that the newlyweds were excited to celebrate their union last week, especially since the family has recently suffered two back-to-back deaths, including the passing of Johnnie Mae’s father.  “It was the happiest day of Toraze’s life. I could just see the smile on his face and how happy he was,” mentioned Monica Miller, a coworker of Johnnie Mae at ECO Supportive Living.  “It [was] just his energy. I just knew that it was a great day for him,” Miller continued. Following Davis’ death, Miller launched a $100,000 GoFundMe campaign to help raise “burial expenses for Toraze and money to help the new bride with their children.” Over $22,000 has been raised as of Tuesday.  Additionally, a homecooked food delivery service called Meal Train and donations through ECO Supportive Living have been set up on behalf of the widow and her surviving family.