50 Cent Lays Out Another Offer To Taraji P. Henson


50 Cent has tagged Taraji P. Henson for the second time since her unsatisfactory comment about being underpaid. This time, the rapper referenced how he helped another black actress, Mary J.Blige, get her worth. 50 Cent Sounds Word Of Support For Taraji P. Henson And Terrence Howard 50 Cent has since joined a group of colored celebrities clamoring for fair treatment following Taraji’s confession. The Empire star had explained that she was underpaid and her team failed to consolidate her success after the series ended. The woman who played the “no-nonsense” Cookie Lyon on screen did not hesitate to fire her entire staff. Upon hearing this, other actresses like Keke Palmer, Viola Davis, and Gabrielle Union chimed in with similar sentiments. In response to the confession, 50 Cent put out a public notice to pique Taraji’s interest in working with him. Via Instagram, he quipped: “They dropped the ball fvck em @tarajiphenson. I’m ready to work let’s get it.” Almost immediately, 50 Cent also targeted Terrence Howard, who sued CAA following a lack of priority. The rapper added that he would get the actor his due pay. In his post, he wrote: “Damn @theterrencehoward call my phone I will get you the money they was supposed to get for you,” he wrIm not playing no games over here.” 50 Cent Cites His Power Over Mary J.Blige’s Ghost Salary To Lure The Empire Actress Once again, 50 Cent has reached out to Taraji in the public sphere. This time, he talked about his connection to Mary J.Blige to buttress his seriousness. The Power producer who recently signed a deal with Fox uploaded a vogues cover-worthy snap of himself. He rocked a printed blazer, belt-less pants, and button-down shirt. The accompanying caption read”: “Someone called me today thinking I was bullsh!ting about working with @tarajiphenson till I told them what I made STARZ pay @therealmaryjblige to be on GHOST. I ain’t out here fvcking around” VIBE reports that Blige, who played Monet Tejada in Ghost seasons one and two, cupped $400,000 for every episode.

Mary J Blige and Her Large Hoops Is A Classic Look


The Queen of monochromatic fashion is spot on with every piece she rocks. Blige’s streetwear style is of high fashion and old school chic vibe, her signature shades, fur looks and hoops make her the I in ICON. Her style befits the iconic looks of a Queen, Mary has rocked every look from custom-made dresses to thigh thigh-high boots, and corsets. All of her looks speak volume that have blazed throughout her career. Only Blige can rock a green boot with blonde hair that swings around her waist and a green one-piece with mini belts during one of her shows in Washington DC. The “911” crooner also rocked a pink corset, large hoops, boots, and jacket during her show, looking ageless as ever. Here are a few of our favorite looks from Mary: #Clique, what are your thoughts on MJB’s style?

Mary J Blige’s New Radio Show Is Now A Reality


Mary J Blige is purely entertainment, thinking of how to stay ever-green, and now she is set to premier a new radio show. The music genius is full of ideas on how to show her talents to the world, whether it’s through singing, talking, or whining; Blige knows how to entertain her audience. Mary J Blige’s Radio Show Is Here Talks of Mary J. Blige’s new radio show have been ongoing for some time, and now, fans cannot keep their cool. In July, on-air personality Funk Flex teased about it. But he remained lip-locked on full details. Now that The time seems right, he exposed the news via his Instagram. Funk, who will work closely with Blige, touted the singer’s horns before leaving fans suspenseful. He quipped: “ITS OFFICIAL? MARY J BLIGE HAS JOINED THE WBLS STAFF! NEW SHOW ON THE WAY! BEAUTIFUL LIFE! YALL READY TO HEAR MARY IN THEM CARS?” The revelation got fans singing one or two sweet words for the singer. They praised her commitment to work and showed enthusiasm for the new project. Mary J. Blige Is Not Resting On Her Oars Before the radio show announcement, Mary J.Blige had her schedule fully booked with new fun projects. She has racked up scripts for 50 Cent’s Power Book II: Ghost series, playing a recurring role. According to The Jasmine Brand, in March, she worked closely with BET in bringing her talk show to life. The series titled The Wine Down with Mary J. Blige aired only two episodes. For now, fans still doubt whether it will continue, as there have been no further episodes. Meanwhile, Blige teamed up with BET for a biopic. The deal comes with the intention of making two short films spotlighting her biggest hits, which were recorded last year.

50 Cent Says He Becomes ‘Defensive’ When Women Ask Him To Buy Them Things

It looks like 50 Cent has become extremely candid about his relationships after he revealed that he becomes defensive when a woman requests things from him. During a recent discussion on BET’s The Wine Down With Mary J. Blige, the rapper-turned-TV exec revealed that although he doesn’t mind treating a woman, he doesn’t appreciate it when a woman asks him for things because it makes him appear as a “sucker.”  He said, “when a woman is asking me for things, then I’m like ‘Oh, you think I’m a sucka.’”  50 Cent went on to discuss the ways in which he likes to wine and dine his lady. He said, “when she comes and she’s just cool [because] organically, I’ll want to do those things and then I’ll start to do those things and it’ll be cool because she ain’t never ask me for nothing.”  Mary J Blige seemingly agreed with the rapper saying, “if she doesn’t ask you, you can read the energy.”  The executive producer went on to be in accord with the singer as he replied to her, “right…she came with those intentions, with that intent.”  “I believe when a woman is around me, she is a reflection of me,” 50 Cent added.  #Clique, what are your thoughts?