Wendy Williams’ Manager, Will Selby, Says She Flirted With Him To Make Her Former Husband, Kevin Hunter, Jealous


Will Selby, who has been Wendy Williams’ manager for some time, was in a flirting scheme with his client. But he claimed it was all to make her former husband, Kevin Hunter, jealous. Will Selby and Wendy Williams Rumored To Be Partners Months after filing for divorce from her ex-husband, who fathered a love child with a long-time lover, Wendy Williams became her manager’s beau. This was the narrative the public got after seeing photos of the pair looking intimate. Selby, who dubs as her jeweller, did not shut down the rumours then. However, his client took to her talk show to explain herself. Williams maintained that they were merely friends. In her admittance, she claimed the photos surfaced after they spent only 35 minutes with him in her studio. Selby Talks About Flirtatious Relationship With Wendy Williams Selby’s long-term friendship with Wendy Williams afforded them the luxury to spin their relationship the way they wanted. The talk show host’s manager said, as per The Jasmine Brand: “I’ll just tell you the truth since we’re on ‘Way Up,’ Wendy wanted to make her ex-husband jealous so she was flirting with me a little bit.” Though Williams’ plan worked, it was not the best business strategy for her manager, who felt frustrated. In his words: “She wanted to make him jealous so she was bothering me, she was, you know, taking a couple of close photos and everything got leaked.” Selby’s play-along did not mean total consent. Although Williams wanted to “go all the way,” he declined to go further. He also maintained his cool by not giving as little as an “extended hug.” To wrap up his confession, Selby added that their relationship is purely platonic and business-based. Still, he cares deeply for the talk show host. Will Selby Says He Respects Kevin Hunter And He Dealt With A Lot Wendy Williams’ manager, Will Selby, holds Hunter in high esteem. Despite how much water has gone under the bridge between his friend and her former husband, he drums support for Hunter. Amid the agreement for the jealousy scheme against Hunter, Shelby claims: