White Texas Judge Slams Prosecution After Cops Arrest Him For Looking Suspect, ‘What’s He Doing Walking While Black?’

Screenshot video Via @AmandaSeales

A white Texas judge is making waves for doing good when deciding a case against a Black man that prosecutors tried to present as a clear and present threat.

However, Judge David Flesicher wasn’t having it and pressed prosecution about what crime prompted police to stop and search a 19-year-old Zion Abiola and another Black man in the first place.

Comedian and activist Amanda Seales posted a video of a court appearance of Abiola with the judge reading him his rights before the prosecution laid out what they believed to be a solid case.

Abiola, who was present in court, was charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon and faced one year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

According to the prosecution, after sunset, two males walked out of a park that was closed.

The defendant “kept reaching in his waistband” after being confronted by police and then ran. A black handgun then fell from waist. A Glock gun was recovered but Abiola told the cops that it belonged to his mother. His father arrived on the scene to confirm that it wasn’t his son’s weapon.

The judge balked at the prosecution’s case.

“Here’s the rub, what’s he’s doing? Walking while Black? What’s he doing wrong?” the judge emphatically stated.

Was he under arrest? All I see is that they go up to him and just start searching. Walking while Black.”

The judge took things a step further to even warn Abiola about being careful where he goes because of the possibility of being racially profiled.

“Mr Abiola. I’d be very careful … where you go… what you do… may not end up well for you. I’m gonna find no probable cause on this case now. Mr. Abiola, be careful. Take a seat for me in the back.”

The judge then dismisses the case.

#Clique, this judge just gave a Black teen a second chance. This is why local elections are important!

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