15-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Kidnapped and Raped by Long Island School Bus Driver During Route, Police Say

A school bus driver from Long Island has been charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 15-year-old student, per the NY Post.

A school bus driver from Long Island has been charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 15-year-old student, per the NY Post. The assaults are said to have occurred multiple times this year, both at the driver’s apartment in Queens and on the school bus.  The accused, Giovanny Campos, 50, pleaded not guilty to charges including kidnapping, rape, criminal sex acts, and reckless endangerment. The Nassau County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that the assaults took place from January to July. Campos was arrested by the Nassau County Police Special Victims Squad on September 28 at his residence. “The defendant raped the child multiple times, including in a parking lot while still on the bus. The defendant also transported the teenager to his apartment in Jamaica, Queens, to engage in sexual acts with her,” officials said. According to officials, Giovanny Guzman worked for the Cheese Bus Co., which is based in Jamaica. In a statement to News 12 Long Island, Ezra Law, the legal firm representing the company, confirmed that Campos is no longer employed by Cheese Bus, Inc.  “The instant our office was made aware of the District Attorney’s allegations, we removed the individual in question from all bus routes and from any contact with our passengers as we are committed to maintaining safety and security within our community,” it said. “The individual was suspended indefinitely and terminated shortly thereafter,” the statement added. Campos could potentially face a 25-year prison sentence if convicted. His bail has been set at $150,000 in cash, $300,000 in bond, and a partially secured bond of $1.25 million. He is scheduled to appear in court again on December 12th. #Clique, what are your thoughts?

Mother Acquitted Of Serious Charges After allegedly Hunting Down Son’s Bullies With A Bat and Running Over Teen Twice, Prosecutors Alleged

A Long Island mother, Jennifer Nelson, was recently acquitted of attempted murder and assault charges after taking action against her son's bullies, reports Law & Crime.

A Long Island mother, Jennifer Nelson, was recently acquitted of attempted murder and assault charges after taking action against her son’s bullies, reports Law & Crime. Nelson’s trial, starting in September, ended with her acquittal on Tuesday. However, she got convicted for fleeing an accident scene, after running over a 15-year-old boy twice, which resulted in serious injuries to the teen.  Nelson faced accusations of confronting bullies at William Floyd High School in Mastic Beach with a bat and knife. Suffolk DA Raymond A. Tierney criticized Nelson for taking matters into her own hands. “Citizens cannot take the law into their own hands, and should instead work with law enforcement and my office to seek justice in every case,” Tierney told the outlet when describing the second-degree attempted murder charge.  Nelson suspected that the 15-year-old was involved in bullying her son and a part of the group that stole his sneakers and AirPods. Charges related to the robbery were only filed against two other teenagers. According to the DA’s office, Nelson went to the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot, to allegedly confront them. “Once [Nelson arrived] in the parking lot, she threatened a group of students while brandishing a knife and a small bat. During this incident, the victim left the parking lot and walked across the street to the parking lot of Manhattan Bagel,” they added. When the 15-year-old walked away, Nelson tailed him with her vehicle “at a high rate of speed, and drove directly at the victim who was standing in the parking lot,” running over him twice, prosecutors stated. Nelson traded in her leased Honda SUV on the same day as the incident, despite the lease not having expired, as an effort to hide the vehicle used in the offense, prosecutors alleged. Nelson told Newsday that she is relieved by the “not guilty” verdict. “I don’t know. I’m just happy with the outcome,” she said. “This has been a lot, you know, on me, my son, just everybody involved, it’s been a lot,” she added. #Clique, what are your thoughts?

Woman Who Was Killed In A Fire Went Back Inside To Save Her Dog, Relatives Say ‘She Considered Her A Daughter So She Went Back’

A family is devastated after losing their loved one in a fire. Nassau County officials say the fire occurred around 3 a.m. on Tuesday, reports PEOPLE. Officials say the Long Island home was “fully engulfed in flames” when authorities got to the scene.  Seven people managed to escape the home and are in stable condition after they were treated for smoke inhalation; however, sadly, one person was discovered dead inside the home. Family members say 60-year-old Kashmira Patel died after going back into the home to save her dog. Kashmira’s niece, Chush Patel told CBS, “She considered her a daughter, so she went back… She actually came all the way to the door, helped her mom out of the house, and then she went back.” A relative wrote on a GoFundMe page for the family, “Seven of us figured a way out of the house, whether it was from the main door or the window… My dad’s sister and her dog… tried [to] escape from the back door, and it breaks my heart to say both didn’t make it out.” Family members appeared to become frustrated with the reaction of Nassau County firefighters. Tarun Patel told NBC New York, “I asked them why didn’t you spread the water because my sister is there. They said no, we cannot go in.”  According to PEOPLE, Nassau County firefighters revealed that they were briefly stopped from entering the home because of the “downed power line.”  Fire Marshal Michael Uttaro said, “It was actually blocking the front door. They actually jumped over that line and tried to make entry,” reports NBC New York. The official went on to say that the fire hydrant close to the home didn’t work; however, they were able to locate another one that worked. WPIX reports that it’s unclear what caused the fire.  #Clique, let’s keep this family in our thoughts and prayers! 

Woman Charged with Stealing $246K in Pension Payments From Deceased Police Dad and Buying Luxury Items

A Long Island woman was arrested after allegedly stealing her late father’s pension after his death and using the money to purchase a luxury home and a Mercedes Benz, NY Post reported.  Alayne Bertolino, whose dad was Nassau County Police Detective Joseph Bertolino, allegedly continued to receive her father’s pension 4 1/2 years after his death at age 69 in 2014. The 48-year-old is accused of failing to notify the state retirement system of her dad’s death.  Bertolino reportedly retired from the department in 1991 and had been collecting his pension via direct deposit in a joint account shared with his daughter. However, payments are supposed to end after a person is deceased.  DiNapoli’s office said they didn’t find out about the theft until after receiving a change of address form for the father in 2017, reports reveal. The payments were immediately canceled once the retirement system became aware of his death. Alayne is accused of making multiple transfers into her family bank accounts and using the funds to purchase a new, $70,000 black Mercedes-Benz GL350 and a $556,000 seven-bedroom, five-bathroom home in Cumming, Ga., 40 miles northeast of Atlanta, officials allege. “The defendant took advantage of her father’s death to profit handsomely at the expense of New York’s retirement system and fuel an extravagant lifestyle,” DiNapoli said, adding his office “will seek full restitution.” Alayne Bertolino pleaded not guilty at arraignment in Albany City Court, telling The Post that the matter “was a misunderstanding.” #Clique, what are your thoughts? 

Nurse Captured On Video Slamming Newborn Onto Bassinet Has Been Fired

A New York woman has lost her job as a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) nurse after a patient’s father captured footage of her slamming the baby’s face into a bassinet while changing his diaper, NBC New York reported. A two-day-old infant, Nikko, was at Good Samaritan University Hospital in West Islip on Long Island being treated with antibiotics. Excited first time dad, Fidel Sinclair, began filming him through partially drawn curtains, and was horrified with what he saw. In the video taken by Sinclair’s phone, a NICU nurse is seen forcefully flipping the baby from onto his back to his stomach on the bassinet. “I’m happy I was there,” Sinclair said in an interview. “God sent me. If it wasn’t for God. . . We would have never seen none of that happen. And that would have kept happening through the night- not only to him, but to the other babies too.” Consuelo Saravia, Nikko’s mother, was horrified with what she saw. She spent many nights crying, and struggled to sleep knowing that her newborn could have been hurt in the care of people she was supposed to trust. After being shown the video, Saravia confronted the nurse, yelling her that she was to stay away from Nikko. “I told her, ‘I don’t want you to touch my child! You just slammed him,’” she recalled. “She said, ‘Oh, no! If you think I mishandled him or anything, I’m sorry.’” The two concerned parents, immediately spoke to administrators, showing them the camera footage. A spokesperson for the organization that operates the hospital says an investigation was immediately conducted, and that the nurse was both terminated from her position and reported to the Department of Health. “Keeping our patients safe remains our paramount concern,” they said in the statement.