Parents Voice Concerns After Third Grader Finds Gun In Bathroom: “We Found Out Through The News A Month Later”

Parents in Rising Star, Texas are furious after learning that a 3rd grader found a gun in the bathroom through the news, a month after the incident occurred, The Hill reported. Last month, a nine-year-old student at Rising Star Elementary School went to the bathroom and discovered a firearm inside of a holster hanging from a stall. Without touching the weapon, the third grader notified a teacher, who reportedly told another student to verify his findings. “So the teacher asked another kid, my son, ‘Can you go see if it’s a real gun,’” said Giovanni Mata, who recently moved his family to the area from Uvalde after a mass shooting occurred at a local elementary school, where his son attended. “Why would you send a kid? Why not send someone else?” The firearm belonged to superintendent Robby Stuteville, who says that he and the school’s principal regularly open carry on the elementary school’s campus. He says that he had taken off the gun and placed it in a stall while using the restroom. It was found by a student 15 minutes later. Local law enforcement say that they weren’t aware of the incident until recently. Rising Star Police Chief Don Braly confirmed an active investigation began Wednesday. “When that investigation is concluded the information and the facts, not rumors, will be turned over to the district attorney’s office,” Braly said. Parents of the school student are enraged about being left in the dark about a firearm being found by a student. After learning about what had taken place, an emergency parents meeting was held. “We, as parents, had to find out about it through the news a month later,” one parent explained. “It only makes the school seem like they have something to hide.” No charges against Superintendent Stuteville have been filed, but the school county has announced that he has provided a letter of resignation.

3-Year-Old Boy Finds Gun And Fatally Shoots Himself In The Face

A community in Volusia County, Florida are grieving after a toddler tragically lost his life, after finding his father’s handgun, Ledger-Enquirer reported. On Wednesday, February 15th, a 3-year-old boy and his 7-year-old brother were left in the care of their 16-year-old sister as their parents went to a nearby grocery store. At 6:20 P.M., dispatchers received a phone call from the teenaged girl, who told them, “My brother shot himself and he’s not breathing.” Less than ten minutes later, a deputy from the Volusia County arrived and attempted life-saving measures as they waited for an ambulance arrived. At 7:03 P.M., after being transported to a hospital, the boy was pronounced dead. Officials say that the 3-year-old had wandered into his parents bedroom, had gotten into a nightstand, picked up the gun, turned it towards himself, and “shot himself point-blank range.” The boy’s father, who is an employee of the Florida Department of Corrections, told investigators that the firearm is usually kept in a bedroom safe, but was moved when the electronic lock had malfunctioned. Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood has stated that no charges have been filed for the incident. “I cannot imagine there’s anything in the law books that can punish that family more than what happened,” he explained in a media briefing the following day.

Man Arrested On Live TV After Toddler Is Seen Roaming Apartment Hallway With Handgun

On Saturday night, those watching Reelz’s “On Patrol Live” saw police in Beech Grove, Indiana arrest a man after his son was seen roaming an apartment hallway with a firearm, NBC News reported. In the beginning of the live streamed segment, police arrive to an apartment complex after someone called to notify authorities that a toddler was seen with a gun. After officers spoke with the child’s father, they begin to leave but are stopped by the caller, who had captured the incident on his Ring camera. In the video, the young boy is seen alone and wandering outside of the apartment, wearing nothing but a diaper. Footage shows him waving a firearm around, cooing happily as he plays while unsupervised. He eventually re-enters through the apartment’s front door, calling out to his mother. “That’s absolutely tough to see,” the live show’s analyst and former police sergeant Sean Larkin comments as he watches. “You could see the kid was clearly pulling the trigger. Had it been chambered, loaded, it could have been a horrific, horrific situation. There’s a point that he’s holding it up, and it’s literally, it almost looks like it’s pointing up toward his own face.” Beech Grove police immediately returned to the apartment to search for the weapon. They eventually found a loaded 9mm Smith & Wesson inside a closed roll-top desk. The boy’s father, who cannot legally own a firearm due to being an ex-con, was arrested and charged with neglect of a dependent and providing a firearm to a child. “We hear these type of stories where kids come across and find these firearms, and these horrific results that do happen sometimes,” Larkin later says. “But seeing it on video is definitely very different.”