12-Year-Old Girl Dies After Participating In TikTok Choking Challenge, Aunt Believes ‘Someone Encouraged Her To Do It’ 

Jams Press

Sadly, a young girl from Argentina has died after trying to do the deadly

“choking challenge,”

which became popular on TikTok. The 12-year-old died on Jan. 13. Her Aunt Laura Luque told Jams Press

“We are inconsolable [because] we gave her so much love.” 

Milagros Soto was discovered unconscious  after participating in the challenge. The 12-year-old was discovered hanging from a

“makeshift noose,”

according to El Litoral. However, reports say this isn’t the first time Soto has tried the dangerous trend. According to Jams Press, Soto has tried it twice before; however, during the third attempt she wasn’t able to remove the noose. 

“On the third occasion, she could not remove the rope from her neck,”

said Soto’s aunt. It’s unclear why she participated in the challenge, yet, her aunt says the 12-year-old got a message on WhatsApp with a link showing her the challenge after she was being bullied in school. 

“I believe someone encouraged her to do it.. She suffered a lot with bullying,”

said the aunt. Soto’s aunt continued on to say,

“She told us no one wanted her at school because she was pretty with blond hair.”

Officials have started an investigation on Soto’s death. 

#Clique, let’s keep Soto’s family in our thoughts and prayers!  

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