72-Year-Old Man Who Attempted To Lure Young Girls To Start ‘Incest Family’ Sentenced To 27 Years

Photo Credit: Carter County Kentucky Detention Center

A 72-year-old man who tried to begin an

“incest family”

in Montana with girls who were underage has been sentenced to 27 years on Friday, reports the New York Post

On Feb. 24, Gary Lee Hodges from Bigfork was sentenced

“after pleading guilty to two counts of attempting to entice a minor into illegal sexual activity,”

announced the US attorney’s office, reports The Post. Hodges, also known as

“Paw Paw,”

which is what he called himself was caught after engaging in shocking messages with an undercover cop posing as a mother from West Virginia with two daughters back in Dec. 2021, says an affidavit obtained by Law & Crime

The 72-year-old sent the undercover cop a plethora of messages stating how he wished to sleep with her and her 11- and 13-year-old daughters. Once he learned the 11-year-old daughter was a virgin, he wrote that they

“make the younger first experience a shared family moment.” 

He went on to add that he can homeschool the young girls, saying that it’s

“way more than the intimate fun we will have, it is about being a real family.” 

By the end of December, the man was in contact via email with someone who he believed was the woman’s 13-year-old daughter, as he described himself as a

“permanent grandfather of sorts.”

He later purchased the mother and her daughters lingerie as a Christmas gift, adding that he wished to make them

“feel pretty and sexy.” 

Following a month of messaging with the undercover cop, he was apprehended on Jan. 14, 2022, after he went to Charleston, WV to meet the mother and daughters. The man pleaded guilty in June 2022. 

The Post reported,

“In the sentencing memo obtained by Law & Crime, officials describe his “long-term dream” of enslaving young girls, citing evidence of his “sadistic sexual abuse” of an underage woman in the mid-2000s.” 

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