Airbnb Host Left With $640 Utility Bill After Guests Intentionally Left Gas and Water On Because He Refused To Accept Their Last-Minute Cancellation

Oberon Copeland

An Airbnb host in South Korea was reportedly hit with a $640 utility bill after his guests purposely left the gas on and ran up the water use, reports the New York Post. According to the host, Lee, a man, and a woman, booked the Airbnb property in Mapo-gu, Seoul. The pair allegedly booked the house for over a month and during their visit, the host got a call from a meter inspector informing him that there may be a gas leak inside the residence. 

When Lee checked on the home, he learned that there was a hot floor and a lit fire. The pair left the windows open and the home was empty when he arrived, reports say. According to SBS, the bill was 640,000 won due to the high gas utilization. The amount is equivalent to $480. The pair also utilized tons of water, which added 170,000 won to the bill, which comes out to $130. The water authority from Seoul, claims that the water usage is equal to the amount of eight adults using the water in two months. 

The Airbnb host said the couple ran up the bills purposely because he chose not to accept their last-minute cancellation request. A report says days before the reservation, the pair attempted to cancel, saying they were infected with COVID-19. Lee said they had to provide proof, and the couple then decided to keep their reservation. The host began to suspect odd behavior he witnessed through his surveillance footage. The pair later packed up their belongings after five days and left; yet, they returned to the residence every now and then. 

The landlord requested Airbnb to help with the bill; however, the establishment said they wouldn’t be able to aid in the situation. 

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