Alabama Police Officer Indicted After Fatally Shooting Pregnant Girlfriend And Saying She Committed Suicide

An Alabama police officer is now facing murder charges after fatally shooting his pregnant girlfriend in the head, and telling dispatchers that she had committed suicide, the New York Post reported.

In January of 2022, Huntsville police officer David McCoy began arguing with his girlfriend and mom-to-be Courtney Spraggins while sitting in her car outside his apartment. According to text messages found on the 29-year-old’s phone, Spraggins wanted to move in with McCoy so that the couple could raise their baby together, but McCoy was already in a relationship with another woman who was living with him. Weeks prior to the shooting, he allegedly told the victim he “needed more time.” When Spraggins asked McCoy what she should do in the meantime, the suspect responded coldly, “A bullet to the head sounds good to me.”

On January 7th, McCoy called the non-emergency police number to see if there were any reports of gunshots fired. He then reported that he had woken up to the sound of a shot from a small-caliber gun. Minutes after, officers arrived to the scene and discovered Spraggins dead from a gunshot wound in the driver’s seat of her vehicle. When investigators question McCoy, he told them “I think I’ve seen her once” and that it seemed like she had committed suicide.

After a photo of him was found inside Spraggins’ vehicle, McCoy’s apartment was searched, and he was brought in for further questioning. Inside, police discovered Spraggins’ phone with the text messages that indicated what led to the incident, and the murder weapon. McCoy also tested positive for gunshot residue.

On March 24th, McCoy was indicted on capital murder charges. The former police officer is now facing multiple charges, including killing a person inside a car, killing a person and her unborn child, and killing a person under 14 (the unborn child). He is scheduled to appear in court on April 4th.

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