Best Buy Deliveryman Faces Mandatory Life In Prison After Attacking 75-Year-Old Customer and Setting Her On Fire

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

A Best Buy delivery driver in Florida was found guilty after fatally attacking an elderly customer, Evelyn Smith Udell, with a rubber hammer and then setting her ablaze, according to the New York Post. 24-year-old Jorge Dupre Lachazo was convicted on Wednesday of

“first-degree murder, burglary, and arson following a three-day bench trial,”

says court records, according to The Post. 

The 24-year-old delivered a dryer and washer to the 75-year-old woman’s home with another man on Aug. 19, 2019. After the two men installed the appliances, Lachazo stayed inside the home to explain to the woman how to use the equipment, while the other man stepped outside. Shortly after, a witness said they heard screams. Udell was discovered on the floor covered in blood and contacted emergency officials. The Best Buy employee then left in the company’s truck; however, he was later found by officials. 

Lachazo confessed to attacking the woman as well as consuming cocaine and marijuana earlier in the day. Officials found a rubber maker utilized to attack the woman as well as a can of paint thinner, which was reportedly used to start the blaze next to the elderly woman’s body, which burned her skin. Officials learned that the woman’s wallet was disturbed, which implied that robbery was a motive for the attack. 

Defense attorneys argued that the attack wasn’t premeditated nor done purposely, and debunked the prosector’s story about the attack being

“motivated by greed.” 

Lachazo is currently facing mandatory life in prison and will be sentenced on April 5. 

#Clique, let’s keep Evelyn Smith Udell’s family in our prayers.

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