‘Euphoria’ Star Chloe Cherry Reveals That She Wants To Try Monogamy, Says ‘ I’ve never been Monogamous Before and I Want To Try That’ 


It looks like Euphoria star, Chloe Cherry, has become very candid about her sexual life. During a discussion on High Low with EmRata, the 25-year-old revealed that she is exhausted from having casual sex with men nowadays, revealing that she’s receptive to being in a monogamous relationship. 

Cherry said,

“I’ve never been monogamous before and I want to try that…Isn’t that funny?” 

The actress was previously a porn star for several years; however, she revealed that chapter of her life is closed and told the podcast host, Emily Ratajkowski, that she would like to be featured in as many movies as possible. Yet, dating after being in the adult movie industry for a while hasn’t been a walk in the park. 

“It’s the one last thing that I never tried, a monogamous relationship….I want to see how that feels. But it’s a lot. It’s hard for me. It’s really crazy coming off of a sex work career because you’re so used to having casual sex and then, when you’re someone like me, that’s scared of hooking up with people, your life gets real confusing.”

The Euphoria star revealed that she was obsessed with sex while in her late teens but now that she’s older, she revealed the thought of being ghosted after sex is scary. 

The 25-year-old actress revealed that her years working as a porn star may have caused her to want monogamy, yet, despite it all, she doesn’t have any regrets.  

“I’m so f—ing glad that I made tons of f—ing money at 18 instead of just scrapping my way as a s***ty waitress. I was confident enough to do that instead of wasting my life being hit on by some creepy 40-year-old [male boss],”

said the actress. 

Cherry later revealed that she would like to write a memoir about her career as a porn star.

“I really want to share about what it’s like to be [in the industry]. A huge goal of mine is for 18-year-old girls in the future that get into porn, for their family and friends to not react the way that mine did. Because the way that my family and friends reacted was extremely traumatizing,”

she said. 

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