Father Arrested After Attacking Bus Aide When He Learned His Son Was Banned From Riding The School Bus

Marion County Sheriff's Office

A father from Florida has been apprehended after reportedly attacking a school staffer when he learned his son was prohibited from riding the school bus, according to the New York Post. 50-year-old Esdra Burges-Cruz is being accused of going onto a school bus while it was stopped in Ocala and hitting an employee in the chest during the encounter that occurred on May 2, according to an arrest report from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, which was attained by Fox 35

During the incident, the bus was filled with students. The man approached the bus and requested for the bus driver to stop so that he can get on the bus. When the bus driver declined his request, he told the driver to

“shut the f–k up”

and proceeded to get onto the bus. While he was on the bus, he started shouting at the bus aide, which is shown in a video that was released by the sheriff’s department.

The father then went on to attack the bus aide seemingly slapping him on his chest. In the video, the father is heard yelling at the bus aide, saying,

“If I hear something else about my son, you’re gonna see what’s gonna happen.” 

Officials went to Burges-Cruz’s home to ask him about the encounter, which he denied attacking the bus aide. He also told officials that he was permitted to get on the bus. On May 3, a student confessed to having footage of the father attacking the bus aide. After officials examined the footage, they went on to arrest Burges-Cruz for assault. He was charged with

“battery on a public or private education employee and burglary — each a felony — and disturbing the peace at a school function,”

reports The Post

Reports added that he has no previous convictions and his bond has been set at $17,500. 

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