Father Wants To Punish 7-Year-Old Daughter For Cheating On Her ‘Boyfriend,’ Says Her Mother Is ‘Encouraging The Bad Behavior’

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It looks like a father became frustrated after calling out his 7-year-old daughter and referring to her as a cheater, reports Newsweek. A Reddit user shared the shocking story on the platform, which seemingly had many Reddit users confused. The user, u/EfficientAd4006, revealed that she and her husband’s 7-year-old daughter, Layla, had her first


Lucus. The mother wrote on the platform,

“They are both 7, so it’s obviously not a real relationship… They just hold hands sometimes and they drew each other hearts for valentines day.” 

Yet, the 7-year-old girl was seen holding hands with a different boy, which made Lucus angry. The mother wrote,

“[This boy] also sent Layla a valentine’s day love letter – and Lucas took offense to it.” 

“We found out because Lucas’ parents called to tell us Lucas won’t be coming over to us this Saturday like it was originally planned because he is mad at Layla,”

she went on to write. 

After Layla’s father learned about this he wanted to penalize her and teach her some life lessons about


The mother added,

“At first I thought he was joking, but no, he was serious. He says that Layla cheated on Lucas and I, as her mother, should do something about it. I told my husband that Layla is 7, not a cheater and I won’t treat her as such…He then accused me of ‘raising a cheater’ and encouraging the bad behavior.” 

An adolescent psychologist, Angela Karanja, told Newsweek,

“Loyalty and faithfulness are great people skills for children to develop.” 

Karanja went on to say,

“However, it’s important we understand that this greatly varies depending on their specific developmental stage and life experiences.” 

The psychologist offered different ways parents can showcase loyalty and faithfulness; however, she pointed out that it’s unfortunate the father thinks the girl should be penalized for being unfaithful. She said,

“A 7-year-old holding hands with another child does not equate to an exclusive relationship.” She later added that it’s a “dangerous way of thinking.” 

#Clique, was this father overreacting? 

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