Finesse2tymes Explains That He’s In A Polygamous Relationship With 3 Woman, Say ‘I Gotta Have More Than One Woman’


Rapper Finesse2tymes has become very candid about his personal endeavors. During an interview with Angela Yee’s Lip Service, the rapper revealed that currently, he’s in a polygamous relationship with three different women. When asked about his dating life, he revealed,

“I got a situation. I’m in a polygamy… I gotta have more than one woman.”

The Overdose rapper explained how the relationship began. He said,

“I kinda just threw it on them. Like ‘this is what it is.’ I accept what comes with you, you gon’ accept what comes with me.” 

Finesse2tymes went on to reveal how the women in the relationship feel. 

“I’m such a gentleman, ladies man, it was kinda easy and I done had all of them tell me that separately. [They said,] ‘It’s kinda easy to accept what come with you because you so humble and so down to earth.’” 

#Clique, what are your thoughts? 

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