Florida High School Coach Arrested For Filming Students Engaging In Sex Acts, Told Girl He Likes Minors

A Florida high school sports coach and part-time security monitor has been arrested after filming two teens engaging in a sex act and propositioning one the day after, CBS News reported.

On February 14th, Yuniesky Ramirez-Martinez approached two students that attend Downtown Doral Charter Upper School, and asked the female student if she was going to perform oral sex on the other student. The 37-year-old then told the underaged couple that he would take them to a private room so they could “do whatever they want,” his arrest warrant states.

Ramirez-Martinez led the two teens to a TV production room, and told them they could “do it” as he waited in the next room, which had a two-way window. He then secretly recorded them on his smartphone. As the students left the room Ramirez-Martinez “gave Juvenile 2 a “fist bump” and encouraged both juveniles not to fall in love because they are too young,” the police report stated.

The next day Ramirez-Martinez approached the female student and told het he saw what she had done with the other student, and that he wanted her to do that to him. When she declined, reminding him that she was underaged, he responded that he prefers minors. When denied him again, Ramirez-Martinez threatened to tell her boyfriend that she already head.

On February 17th, the teen went to the school’s principal and explained what had occurred. Authorities were then notified, and the City of Doral Police Department made the arrest. Ramirez-Martinez was terminated from his positions, and has been charged with offense against students by an authority figure, solicitation of a child to engage in an act that constitutes sexual battery by a custodial authority, and promoting a sexual performance by a child. He remains at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on a $40,000 bond.

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