High School Student Suspended After Recording Teacher Saying The N-Word, District Spokesman Says Student’s Actions Were ‘Unacceptable’

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A Glendale High School student, Mary Walton, from Missouri has been suspended for three days after recording her white teacher saying the N-word, according to the New York Post. Although the unidentified teacher was suspended and later resigned, the student also faced backlash due to inappropriately utilizing her phone in class. 

The suspension left the student’s mother, Kate Wellborn,


Wellborn said,

“To punish someone in this situation who does the right thing, it’s absurd.” 

The video showed the teacher uttering the racial slur twice, as the educator debated with another student if it was appropriate to use the word.  The student revealed that the teacher said the slur 6 times, four of those times were before she began filming. 

In the video, the teacher says,

“I don’t like the word, at all… I don’t know. It feels like when a black person is using it towards another black person, it’s the same. How is it not still a derogatory word?” 

He then responded to a student who asked a question, saying,

“Is the word n— not allowed?” 

One student then says,

“I’m just saying right now, as a teacher, if you want to keep your job … This isn’t a threat from me.” 

The teacher then responds,

“I’m not calling anyone a n—…..I can say the word.

The student shared the video with school officials; however, didn’t upload the video to social media. The school’s principal, Joshua Groves, informed school staff as well as parents that the verbiage utilized by the teacher wasn’t appropriate. The educator, who worked for the district since 2008, resigned earlier in the week. 

The district’s spokesman pointed out the student’s actions, labeling it as


as it is considered a

“violation of privacy,”

to film students and teachers, per the student handbook. 

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