Husband Believed His Wife Cheated And Arranged A Paternity Test For Their Child – It Happens To Be That Neither Of Them Is The Parent

Photo Credit: Unsplash/ Liv Bruce

A couple, who wishes to keep their identity private, has sued the hospital that birth their baby after finding out 5 years later that their child was not theirs, Your Tango reported. 

The bizarre story, shared on Twitter by user Saint Zoe (@Jupinapapi3), has garnered over 5 million views and 2k comments. The father allegedly asked his wife for a paternity test after having suspicions about her fidelity. After taking the test the man found that he was not the father however, the wife insisted that she did not cheat. The wife, standing strong in her truth, decided decided to take a maternity test herself only to find that she wasn’t the mother either. With the only culprit being the hospital, the couple went ahead and pursued a lawsuit against the clinic for switching their child at birth.

In an update posted to Instagram and later shared on Twitter by Zoe, the parents were able to find their biological child. The woman who delivered the update wrote,

“They found their biological daughter, she was in foster care.”

Allegedly the family, whose child they had, was incompetent to care for their child, and their biological daughter was placed in child protective services. 

“As crazy as it sounds, they have to now adopt their biological child (which they are in the process of doing),”

she continued.

“They are also keeping the nonbiological child as well.”

As for the lawsuit, the couple was awarded $2 million for the hospital’s negligence. The couple has decided to

“stay together”

through the entire ordeal and the husband has 

“apologized to [his wife] for ever doubting her,”

the woman wrote. 

Users took to Twitter to chime in on the story comparing it to the tv drama

“Switched at Birth.”

Saige (@makelizabeth272) wrote,

“literally the entire plot of switched at birth.” 

#Clique, what are your thoughts?

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