Inmate Accused Of Attempting To Hire Cellmates To Murder Her Family So She Can Receive A $2 Million Inheritance

Osceola County Jail

A woman, Tureygua Inaru, who was apprehended in Florida for threatening to murder her co-workers at Disney reportedly attempted to hire her fellow inmates to murder her grandparents and parents for an inheritance of $2 million, according to the New York Post

The 29-year-old from Orlando has been behind bars since December. Marco Lopez the Osceola County Sheriff informed WESH that Inaru told two inmates of her parent’s wealth and that she would be entitled to a $2 million inheritance when they pass away, says an affidavit. As part of the deal, the woman offered anyone who would murder her relatives $50,000 per victim, reports ClickOrlando.

The woman also stalked the attorney, Peter Francis Donnelly, who was prosecuting her case through the internet, and said she

“wanted him to suffer.” 

The woman claimed that if she could not find anyone to kill her relatives then she would do it herself. Reports say her fellow inmates alerted officers in the jail and informed investigators that the woman instructed them on how to make the murder appear as a robbery. Back in January, the sheriff’s office sent an undercover officer pretending to be an inmate to Inaru’s cell. Although she revealed her disdain towards the attorney, she claimed she didn’t try to hire a hitman.  However, during interviews with investigators, she confessed to the plan of having her family killed. 

The 29-year-old claimed that her parents molested her and her siblings when they were young. One relative told officials that she

“needs mental health help.” 

Inaru has been charged with

“three counts of solicitation to premeditated murder and one count of cyberstalking for allegedly sending death threats to Donnelly,”

reports The Post.

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