Inmates Enjoy Steak Dinner In Jail Cell, Officials Believe Correction Officers Brought Them Food After Receiving Payments From Prisoners  

Loija Nguyen/ Unsplash

It looks like some Georgia inmates were eating great, reports FOX. The outlet reports that they ate steak in their cell after allegedly paying someone to bring it to them. 

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office investigators released a video that showed inmates in their cell chowing down on the five-star meal. The prisoners were also seen drinking an orange Fanta. The sheriff’s office said an officer probably brought the food to the Fulton County Jail after inmates paid them. 

Pat Labat, the Fulton County Sheriff, said bringing in food for an inmate for payment is considered breaking the rules. The Sheriff informed Fox 5 Atlanta,

“The delivery of outside food to inmates at the Fulton County Jail is strictly prohibited. Any employee who violates protocol and or allows a breach in security is disciplined according to department policy.” 

Correctional Officers have previously accepted payments in exchange for providing inmates with drugs, food, cell phones, and other prohibited items, sources from the jail told the news outlet. 

A jail source went on to reveal that an officer can get up to $2,000 for sneaking in a cellular device to an inmate. 

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