Man Arrested After Reportedly Attempting To Bring Explosive Device On Flight, Reports Say

Photo Credit: FBI

On Feb. 27, a man from Pennsylvania, Marc Muffley, was apprehended after trying to bring an explosive appliance on a flight, reports FOX. The 40-year-old was taken into custody by FBI agents after attempting to bring the device on an Allegiant Airlines going to Orlando Sanford International Airport leaving Lehigh Valley International Airport. 

When the airline’s staff members checked the man’s bag, they contacted TSA agents to the

“presence of suspicious items,”

says the affidavit, reports FOX. When the bag was searched by TSA agents, they discovered a

“circular compound, approximately three inches in diameter, wrapped in a wax-like paper and clear plastic wrap hidden in the lining of the baggage.” 

Several FBI agents went to the airport to inspect the device and placed it in an x-ray machine. They learned the bag possessed a

“granular type of powder”

which is

“consistent with a commercial grade firework.”

Court documents say,

“This granular powder is suspected to be a mixture of flash powder and the dark granulars that are used in commercial grade fireworks.” The bag also reportedly contained “a can of butane, a lighter, a pipe with white powder residue, a wireless drill with cordless batteries, and two GFCI outlets taped together with black tape.” 

One FBI agent saw that a quick and hobby fuse was connected to the device, revealing that the hobby fuse burns slowly as opposed to the quick fuse. The device served as a

“significant risk”

to the plane and passengers, FBI agents say. 

The 40-year-old man was called to the security desk at the airport at 11:40 a.m. and was escorted out of the airport at 11:45 a.m. The airport stayed open following the discovery, an Lehigh Valley International Airport spokesperson told Fox. 

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