Man Declared Dead After Being Attacked After Being Attacked By Ferocious Chicken, Reports Say

Unsplash/Ben Moreland

A man from Ireland was found dead in a puddle of blood after he was roughed up by a fierce chicken, reports say, according to the New York Post. The Killahornia man, Jasper Kraus, was fatally attacked by a Brahma chicken back on April 28, 2022, reports the Irish Examiner. 

Virginia Guinan, the man’s daughter revealed that he was sleeping when she stopped by the same day; however, she didn’t wake him up because he was sick and angry about his dog dying. Gainan later learned about the attack and went back to his house where she discover paramedics conducting CPR on Kraus as he laid in blood.

A path led to the chicken house where she noticed a chicken with blood on the claws and assumed it was the exact bird that was sent to reside on the farm after it assaulted Kraus’ granddaughter once before. 

A tenant at the house, Corey O’Keeffe, revealed he heard Kraus screaming as he was being attacked and witnessed blood squirting from his leg. He also said he saw a huge injury on his calf. He contacted first responders and was directed to conduct CPR after the victim fell unconscious. Dr. Annette Jennings said when she got to the scene, first responders tried to revive the man; however, he was declared dead. 

The coroner noted that the man seemed to have had a heart attack during the assault as well. 

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