Mother Outraged After 7-Year-Old Daughter Allegedly Comes Home With Tattoo After Letting Her Spend Time With Relatives

TikTok: Newskii_Soexotic24

A TikTok video shows a mother’s shock at finding an alleged permanent tattoo on her 7-year-old daughter after she stayed with relatives from her father’s side of the family.

The mother filmed herself questioning her daughter about the encounter. She asked the 7-year-old

“Who idea was it for you to get a tattoo?”

and the young girl responded by explaining that her aunt made the suggestion.

The 7-year-old girl admitted that she and another girl told her aunt they didn’t have permission to get tattoos. Her mother questioned her about the incident, asking if her aunt gave her a tattoo despite knowing she didn’t have permission. 

The girl confirmed by nodding and explaining that she was the first to get a tattoo. The mother expressed relief that her daughter went first and asked if the aunt changed the needle, to which the girl shook her head and said no. The mother then showed the heart tattoo on her daughter’s leg, and the girl confirmed that her aunt simply went ahead and did it without any prior drawing

In a longer TikTok video, the mom addressed viewers’ questions about her calm demeanor. She explained that she has already involved the police and child protective services, but there is limited action she can take since the incident occurred out of state and she is several months pregnant. 

Viewers also asked how her child ended up with someone who would tattoo multiple children with the same needle. The mother explained that she allowed her daughter to visit paternal relatives in an effort to provide her with companionship since she lacks siblings and peers. 

However, her daughter’s father, who usually coordinates visitation, is now in jail. As a result, the child was under the care of her paternal grandmother, who then passed her off to the aunt. The mom discovered that the aunt’s living situation was unstable when she reported the tattoo incident to authorities. Additionally, the grandmother claimed that the tattoo was


but the mom disproved this by explaining her unsuccessful attempts to wash it off.

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