Mother Reveals That Her Armpit Began Producing Milk, Says She Doesn’t Plan On Feeding Her Child Armpit Milk

Heavyondahustla_/ TikTok

A mother, Heaven, 24, who is breastfeeding has revealed to her TikTok followers that she found a duct in her arm that squirts out milk. The mom of a three-month-old said,

“This is what you call a milk duct and it’s in my armpit… I started massaging it, and yesterday, the f- -king milk just started flying the f- -k out.” 

The Georgia mother continued,

“I thought it was so cool.”

The mother went on to demonstrate her discovery on camera as she squeezed the pit of her arm, forcing milk to come out. The video has garnered more than 9 million views. The 24-year-old mother continued,

“It’s so weird… but it’s full of f- -king milk.” 

Strange enough, this young mama isn’t the only person who has experienced this. A 36-year-old mother from Utah, Lindsay White, also went viral after she realized her daughter’s head was covered in milk that was dripping from the pit of her arm. White explained in a video that it usually happens when milk lines in the breast tissue have extended to the armpit. The milk leaks from an auxiliary tissue underneath the arm called the

”tail of Spence.” 

Despite milk coming out of her armpit, Heaven clarified that she does not plan on feeding her child

“armpit milk.” 

#Clique, what are your thoughts? 

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