Mother Shocked After Teacher Refused To Let Her Daughter Use Chapstick In Classroom

A worried mom expressed her disagreement with her daughter's teacher about her child's chapstick.
Erik Mclean/Unsplash

A worried mom expressed her disagreement with her daughter’s teacher about her child’s chapstick. She shared a video on TikTok under the username RealityKeck, where she explained that her daughter’s lips were dry, and the teacher had prohibited the use of chapstick.

The teacher’s refusal shocked the parent leading her to text the educator as they then went on to have a back-and-forth about the chapstick being against the school’s policy. The mom messaged the teacher, explaining that her daughter uses chapstick due to chapped lips and a previous infection. 

The teacher then responded with a policy out of the parent handbook, she wrote,

”Medication cannot be sent to and from the school by the child.” 

Despite the rule naming aspirin and a bunch of other medications, the list did not include chapstick. The mother then replied,

“So my child has to have a signed form by her pediatrician to have chapstick in her backpack?”

The teacher then said that the signed form would allow her daughter to leave the chapstick in the principal’s office, and each time she needed to use it, she’d have to go to the office for use. 

The shocked mother then replied,

“Which means every time my child needs to apply some chapstick she’s got to go to the office to use it which is why I said it would take away from her learning having to go to the office every time she needed to apply chapstick.”

The mother, after further discussion, mentions that her daughter has been at the school for six years without encountering this issue with past teachers. Despite this, the teacher declined to change the rules. In response, the woman suggests suspending her daughter as she will continue to bring chapstick in her backpack. 

In a subsequent video, the woman shared that she spoke to the principal who suggested writing a note to the

“med office”

to keep on record. The principal also mentioned that the chapstick could stay in the office for the daughter’s use. However, the mother disagreed and insisted that her daughter would carry the chapstick with her all day, not leaving it in the office.

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