Nearly 8,000 Patients Left In Awe After Receiving Accidental Text Message From Doctor’s Office Saying That They’re Dying Of Cancer Instead Of Holiday Greeting 


It looks like thousands of UK patients at a doctor’s office had quite a scare after the office mistakenly texted nearly 8,000 patients that they were dying of

“aggressive lung cancer,”

instead of their planned Merry Christmas text. 

The Doncaster doctor’s office, Askern Medical Practice, sent the automated message merely two days before the festive holiday, informing individuals of

“diagnosis — Aggressive lung cancer with metastases,”

according to BBC

The text requested that people fill a form out that allows individuals with terminal sicknesses to declare their benefits, which left many people in panic. However, within the same hour, the office sent a message apologizing

“for the previous text message sent.” 

A screenshot of the text messages from the doctor’s office read,

“Our message to you should have read, ‘We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.’” 

The automated message was sent to everyone registered at the doctors office. Although the text message was shocking and scary for everyone, one patient, Chris Reed, 54, was actually awaiting his results after doing tests for lung cancer, and the text falsely confirmed his worst fear. 

He told Telegraph,

“They went from ‘You’ve got lung cancer’ to ‘Merry Christmas’ in about an hour. Unbelievable.” 

Carl Chegwinb reflected on the incident saying,

“What if that message was meant for someone, and then they are told it’s a Christmas message, then again told, ‘Oh no, that was actually meant for you’?” 

#Clique, what are your thoughts? 

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